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When is Father’s day? The date to mark on your calendar is Sunday the 4th of September 2022. Spoil your loved ones with the latest in tech, small kitchen appliances, BBQs and more. Choose from all the best brands including Breville, Weber, Nespresso and more.

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Treat your Dad and Grandfather this Father’s Day with gift from The Good Guys. Help Dad kickstart his day with a coffee machine, let him show off his cooking skills with a new Weber BBQ, get his heart racing with a new gaming console or impress him with a new laptop – great for working from home. Don’t forget Grandpa – he’d love a new phone to keep in touch with family.

Father’s Day FAQs

1. When is Father’s Day?

In Australia, Father’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September. In 2022 that would be Sunday the 4th of September. Next year, 2023 it will be Sunday the 3rd.

Did you know that Mother’s Day was “invented” first? It is believed to have originated on May the 12th, 1907 when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her late mother in a church in Grafton, West Virginia.

In Australia, it is thought Father’s Day started in Newcastle, New South Wales, September 6th, 1936. While not officially known why Australian Father’s Day is in September, it is believe that when some Australians heard of the US Father’s Day, in June, they thought it was a splendid idea and we should have one of our own. Rather than wait 10 months for June to come around again, they thought- let’s have it sooner rather than later.

Hence, September became Australia’s month for Father’s Day.

2. What to write in a Father’s Day card?

The cherry on top to any gift is a heartfelt card to go beside it. If you’re searching for the right words to tell Dad how much he means to you these suggestions might help.

Start with the essential – wish him a Happy Father’s Day! Afterwards is your que to get a bit more personal, maybe by sharing a memory or mentioning something you love doing together. Don’t forget to thank him, talk to his special qualities and what you’re grateful for because, who doesn’t love a compliment? Finally, end your card with a warm closing to get Dad smiling!

3. Why do we celebrate Father’s Day?

The first Father’s Day was celebrated in June, 1909 to compliment the Mother’s Day celebrations which were extremely popular.

We celebrate our fathers, and our father figures, in our lives and in the community, which have a massive, positive, impact upon our lives.

It was thought that children have a closer bond with their mothers growing up, and that we should also form a close bond with our fathers as well.

4. What to get Dad this Father’s Day?

What to buy your Dad really depends on what he is interested in. What hobbies does he have, what does he enjoy with his free time? Or, what can you buy him that you can enjoy with him?

Is your father into his sports? Does he love to yell at the TV while wearing a beanie and scarf? You can grab a 24 inch HD LED TV for the bedroom or study at just $169. Or you could grab a portable speaker for him to listen to the races while working in the garage.

Is your Dad a wiz at the BBQ? We have a range of portable Weber Qs starting at $339. Plus, we have all the added tools and accessories such as BBQ mitts, drip pans, grill baskets, and cleaning gear. Everything your Dad will need to cook you a delicious roast!

5. What to do with your Dad this Father’s Day?

Is your father a sporty type? Can you go for a bike ride, or a hike with him? Share his passion with the great outdoors? Count the steps with a Fitbit Charge for only $179. And after a long day of trailblazing, what better way to feel better than with a massage? Give Dad a home massager, but test it yourself first, of course.

Is your Dad artistic? Then you can treat him to an art gallery or show, or why not investigate art walks and trails in your area? Discover your local community through suburban art.

Is your Dad a gamer? Could he do with a Nintendo Switch in his life? Perhaps an Xbox or PS4? Games provide many hours of family entertainment. You can even let Dad win a few games on Father’s Day too.

Help Dad in the garden, or help Dad in the garage. Possibly the best thing you can give Dad on Father’s Day is you.

From all of us here at The Good Guys, we wish you and your Dad, a very happy Father’s Day.