Whether you want to play the latest games in the optimum environment, do your most professional-looking work yet, or just get the most affordable computer the whole family can use, a desktop computer is a great choice. Here’s our guide to help you work out if it’s right for you, and what to look for.

Why Should I Buy A Desktop Computer?

There are so many benefits of having a desktop computer. First of all, they are modular. “With most models of desktop PC, having the monitor, keyboard, mouse and computer separate means you can save money by only upgrading the components you need, and keeping the other familiar parts you enjoy,” says Jason Tavoletti, The Good Guys Buyer - Computers, Printers & Monitors.

For people who work from home, the ability to have a big screen, or even multiple big screens can help you be more productive and avoid eye strain. Desktop computers are also more ergonomic. If you want to have just the one shared computer for the family, or younger kids doing homework, a desktop computer is easier to have in a central place.

Desktop Computers Vs Laptops

Not sure which is for you? Desktop computers are a great option for the home office or dedicated spot in the kitchen that the whole family can access. Desktops are powerful too, with cooling systems, graphics cards and processors that deliver speed and performance.

Laptops are the handy portable option, which are great if you’re on the go or work between home and the office. Laptops can have similar levels of power to desktops, and that power is particularly important for creatives like artists, filmmakers, and gamers.

What Are The Types Of Personal Computers?


All-in-ones are the most common kinds of Apple desktop computers, like the iMac , but there are also Windows versions. These build the computer into the screen, so it takes up much less desk space. These are perfect for those who want an Apple computer that just works, or a large screen desktop PC in a small space. They’re great for families and people who work from home.

Tower PCs

Tower PCs range from the most affordable desktop PCs, because you can BYO monitor,keyboard and mouse to the most hardcore gaming and creative computers. The tower housing means it’s easier to perform upgrades and maintenance, and get more airflow for better cooling. Tower PCs are generally what you go for when you want power, or a CD drive.

Which Operating System Is Best?


Hardcore gamers will claim that there’s only one choice for a gaming PC operating system, and, despite the rise of Apple Arcade, that’s hard to argue with. Most Steam games are PC only, and Xbox Game Pass has PC games, giving gamers a massive library of games to play with for a low monthly fee. Windows machines make the perfect work all day, play all night machines. Windows PCs also can have great integration with Android phones, particularly those from Samsung that use DeX.

Apple Mac Os

For creatives, both professional and amateur, there is no better choice than a Mac. Almost all of your favourite movies, TV shows and songs were edited on a Mac, because the Final Cut and Logic Pro apps for pros, and free GarageBand and iMovie apps for amateurs are unmatched for the power to turn creative dreams into reality. iPhone users will also love how much Apple Macs integrate with their phones – you can copy on one device and then paste on the other, sync Safari tab groups between the two, have your notes carry over, and essentially treat one as an extension of the other if you so choose.

Features To Look Out For

What Should I Look For In A Processor?

“A good rule when picking a processor is to look at the recommended specs of the main programs you use, whether they’re games, Adobe Photoshop, or another professional application, and then go one level up,” says Jason. “That’ll get you a bit more longevity in your device while still making sure it can run the programs you need.”

Hard Drive, Memory And Storage Space

When looking for other specs in a desktop computer, it’s also important to go at least one level above what you currently need. For example, if your main program says it currently needs 4GBs of RAM, get 8GBs so you’ve got room to grow when the next update comes and needs more power.

When looking at hard drives, there are two main technology types: solid state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD). SSDs are faster, more reliable, and have a longer lifespan than HDDs, thanks to their lack of moving parts. The only downside is that SSDs are much more expensive. Some desktops get around this by having two hard drives: a large HDD for storing smaller files, or things you don’t use as often, and an SSD for the operating system, games, and creative applications.

When working out how much storage space you need, look at how much you’re using on your current computer and roughly double it. For example, if you have 600GBs saved on your computer now, you’ll want at least a 1TB hard drive in your next computer, if not more. “If getting more internal storage is out of your budget, you can always get an external hard drive and massively increase your storage that way,” says Jason.

How Big Should The Screen Be?

Generally speaking, a monitor that’s between 20” and 30” (screens are measured diagonally in inches) is the way to go. There are some hardcore gaming and creative monitors that are larger than that, and if you’re doing the kind of specialised things that would benefit from that set up, you likely already know what you need.

The higher the resolution of your monitor, the closer you can sit to it and still have the details show up nicely and the bigger the screen can be. Some all-in-one computers come with 4.5K monitors, which means there’s more pixels per inch than a standard 4K TV. That said, the minimum you want is 1920x1080 or it’ll look too pixelated.

Other Top Features To Look For In A PC

Graphics cards: Some computers will come with dedicated graphics cards, while others will come with integrated graphics in the processor. Dedicated graphics cards will mean much better graphics quality for things like video editing and playing video games. If you don’t plan on doing either of those things, though, you can save some money by skipping the graphics card. If you are wanting a gaming PC, go for the absolute best graphics card you can afford.

Bundled software: Most people will just need the basics with their new desktop computer, like a Microsoft Office 365 subscription and anti-virus software. The Good Guys can advise on software bundles for your new computer ‒ chat to one of our friendly sales assistants who will be more than happy to help.

“If you want to have just the one shared computer for the family, or younger kids doing homework, a desktop computer is easier to have in a central place without running the risk of a teenager sneaking it into their room.”

Installation And Troubleshooting Tips

Generally speaking, setting up a new desktop computer is fairly easy if you start with a clear desk and know where you want to put everything. But, if you do run into troubles, because there are a few components that need to be plugged in, try using different ports and cables to find out which component is the problem. If you need help, The Good Guys has a home installation service to ensure you are set up for success.

What You'll Pay For A New PC

The good news is, there is a PC for every budget. A no-frills, entry-level desktop system, not including the monitor, will allow you to do word processing, check emails and browse the web with ease. At the top end are fancier gaming set-ups and professional video editing desktop PCs.

If you’re not getting an all-in-one machine, don’t forget to budget in the price of a monitor, keyboard and mouse too.

When you’re ready to get your brand-new desktop computer, we look forward to helping you at The Good Guys. Just come in store or head online for the best advice, the biggest range and the best deals.

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