Why You Should Consider A Handstick Vacuum

February 6, 2024 – 4 min read

Always find yourself cleaning up small messes around the home? The greatest addition you can add to your cleaning routine is a stick vacuum. Gone are the days when vacuum cleaners were bulky, heavy and made a lot of noise, with handstick vacuums, you have a smart appliance that is both convenient to use and carry.

If you’re considering upgrading your heavy vacuum for a cordless handstick, here are the things to consider.

A lady vacuuming her house using the LG handstick vacuum

Size & Weight

Stick vacuums are best known (and bought) for their compact size and light weight. Significantly smaller than many traditional vacuums, if you have some spot cleaning to do, you’re more likely to want to use a stick vacuum. No need to move furniture around to clean spots; a handstick vac can slide effortlessly under furniture and manoeuvre right into tight corners.

“Stick vacuums are best known (and bought) for their compact size and light weight. Significantly smaller than many traditional vacuums, if you have some spot cleaning to do, you’re more likely to want to use a stick vacuum.”

Easy Cleaning

Manually emptying your vacuum's dust bin can be a thing of the past.
If you’re wondering how to clean an LG cordless vacuum, the A9 Kompressor Auto Handstick Vacuum makes it as easy as can be, thanks to its hassle-free emptying with its All-In-One Tower.


LG’s all-in-one solution features Kompressor Technology which saves you time and effort by compressing dust and hair collected in the bin. With easy compaction, your trips to the rubbish bin just got a whole lot less frequent. When it is time to empty the bin, the Kompressor lever can be pushed down and the door will open to remove the contents. This is a great benefit for allergy sufferers because this means dust and other particles are hygienically disposed of rather than re-entering the air during the emptying process.


In addition, most of the latest LG stick vacuums offer handy thumb control, so you can turn your vacuum on and off and adjust power levels with the touch of a thumb.

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Someone emptying her LG handstick vacuum


The best stick vacuum cleaner is one that is super versatile. LG’s stick vacuums are cordless, battery-run cleaners that reach tight spots and don't have to be pulled on cords. Forget bending and twisting, the LG A9 Kompressor Aqua Handstick Vacuum has an adjustable wand length which easily extends or contracts for seamless use and convenient storage.


Hard-Working Features

Cleaning your house doesn’t have to be hard going. With the best stick vacuum, you’ll be able to handle the mess. The LG A9 Kompressor Aqua Handstick Vacuum has a Smart Inverter Motor that’s a brushless design with minimal friction during use, so you get strong performance every time.


The LG A9 Kompressor Aqua Handstick Vacuum also puts in the work, with a combination of the Smart Inverter Motor and the Axial Turbo Cyclone that separates dust and hair, it makes for a powerful long-lasting suction, conquering any mess in your household.


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A dog sitting on a couch with the LG Handstick Vacuum

Handy Attachments

The convenience of having a handstick that both vacuums and mops is seriously immense, and that’s best part about LG’s Power Drive Mop attachment – it allows you to do both at the same time! It sucks in from the front and releases the water from the back. Why spend more time on your floors than you have to? Reduce your cleaning time by vacuuming and mopping simultaneously with the new LG Handstick vacuums.

Long Battery Life

When you’re in the cleaning groove, there is nothing worse than having to stop and re-charge the vacuum. This is where vacuums like the LG A9K Aqua Handstick comes in to save the day. With its two included interchangeable batteries, you can clean and charge at the same time with the batteries lasting up to 120 minutes. Vacuum and change the battery without having to fully stop!

A lady vacuuming her couch next to her dog using the LG handstick vacuum

Easy Storage

One of the many perks of having a stick vacuum is that they can easily and neatly be stored away without taking up large amounts of space. The LG Cordless Handstick Vacuum Range can be stored by Wall-Mount Mode, Floor-Stand Mode and Compact Mode. With a simple pack up after a thorough cleaning session, it makes getting back to the activities you love that much easier.


If you’re after a new level of convenience for your cleaning routine, the LG A9 Kompressor Auto Handstick Vacuum’s ingenious All-In-One Tower stores accessories, charges batteries, automatically empties the dust bin and neatly stores the vacuum when it’s not in use. Convenient and stylish, this vacuum range does it all.

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Smart Connectivity

They say there is an app for everything, and many stick vacuums now connect to a handy app to make your life even easier. LG’s A9 Kompressor can link to the LG ThinQ app, which helps you monitor and maintain your LG Cordless Vacuum. It gives you alerts when you need to check the filter, as well as when the battery is fully charged and ready to go.

A lady vacuuming her house using the LG handstick vacuum

If you like to stay on track with your daily chores, the app saves your cleaning history so you know when your next vacuuming session will take place. If there are any issues, the message will simply appear on your smartphone, so you don’t have to wait until you use your vacuum next, your LG vacuum is on top of it!


A vacuum that quick clean on hard floors, carpets and tiles, your daily tasks just became less of a chore with LG’s latest Handstick Vacuum Range. No more bulky vacuums, just press a button and you’re good to go.


If you’re ready to clean with ease, visit us in-store or online to discover LG’s vacuum range. For more tips and advice, check out our Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide.

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