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Looking to add a low impact exercise to a Home Gym? An Elliptical maybe just right.

Elliptical Trainers give a whole body workout with minimal impact on the joints and back. Here's some info about Ellipticals to help on your next Home Gym purchase.

How does an Elliptical work?

Elliptical Trainers also known as Cross Trainers are designed with two platforms for feet that swing independently backwards and forwards by moving the legs. These pedals each connect to handles to push and pull, allowing an upper body and lower body work out.

Working out on an Elliptical trainer provides a low impact alternative to running or jogging. Low impact exercise ensures joints, knees, bones and the back don't experience significant strain or wear and tear and is a great option for people managing chronic pain or maintaining fitness after a sustained injury.

These workout movements are smooth and circular up and down motions that are a hybrid between stair climbing or a ski machine. Resistance can be adjusted either manually or automatically which allows the perfect amount needed to exert yourself and reach a steady workout rhythm.

Are Elliptical Trainers good for weight loss?

Elliptical Trainers are designed to give a good cardiovascular / cardio and aerobic workout. When used appropriately they can increase heart rate, burn calories and shed body fat.

Weight loss occurs when the body experiences a calorie deficit, that is when energy (calories) burnt is greater than energy being put into the body. Exercise makes the body burn more calories to meet the energy demands of a workout, and a healthy diet helps manage how many calories a person needs.

To manage weight loss in a healthy sustainable way, put together a measurable fitness plan with frequent goals and adopt a nutritionally balanced diet. Consultating with a personal trainer will help with setting achievable goals and learning how to use Home Gym Equipment effectively.

In general it's recommended to achieve a minimum of 150 minutes of cardio workout time each week, split roughly into 30 mins a day for 5 days per week.

How do Ellipticals compare to other Home Gym Equipment?

When deciding on the type of Home Gym Equipment to buy, consider activities you enjoy and what you're already comfortable with. A good fitness routine is one that motivates you to work out regularly, and a machine you already know how to use or find engaging will help here.

Elliptical Trainers, Treadmills, Exercise Bikes and Rowing Machines all provide a great cardio workout. Elliptical Trainers like Bikes and Rowing Machines are low impact which means they don't put significant strain on the joints or back. Unlike Treadmills and Bikes, Ellipticals also work out the upper body.

Treadmills are designed for walking, jogging and running which requires supporting your body weight, placing some additional strain on the body. Supporting one's own weight when exercising burns more calories but it may need to be avoided for chronic pain or sustained injury sufferers.

How do I buy the best Elliptical for me?

Elliptical Trainers with a good variety of programs can reduce boredom from doing the same workouts. Wide ranging resistance levels give good workouts for any current fitness level, with lower intensities for low energy days. Higher intensities will prevent outgrowing a machine as progress is made.

The handlebars on an Elliptical should be comfortable to push and pull for sustained periods of time. Feet should feel secure in the pedals as they're moved with a raised lip to stay in place. The surface inside the pedals should have some friction to grip on the tread of some workout shoes.

Elliptical Trainers tend to be larger than other Home Gym Equipment so check the space before buying and allow extra room for your head as Ellipticals are elevated from the floor. Also check the weight capacity to ensure safe use.