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Concierge Repair Disclaimer

Our promise to you is to work closely with our suppliers to facilitate a remedy within a reasonable period of time. Some products will qualify for repair, post an assessment. Most repairs are completed within four weeks. We are on your side and will do our best to keep you informed.

Full terms and conditions are available online, and we recommend you review them. Click here.

Please read these points carefully and acknowledge We are unable to proceed with your claim if you do not agree to our terms of repair.

  • Your plan covers your product for manufacturing faults. If no fault is found, or the fault is deemed to be cosmetic, or as a result of misuse, you may need to pay for the repair and/or assessment fee
  • Customer's personal information will be shared with repairers, suppliers and approved third parties to enable them to perform functions on our behalf in connection with repairs
  • To ensure you are kept informed about the repair, you must ensure that your contact details are correct and advise Concierge of any changes
  • After your goods have been repaired, Concierge will make three (3) attempts to contact you, however if unsuccessful, Concierge may treat your product as abandoned (subject to law) if you do not collect your goods within (6) months.
  • (Relevant products only) The repairer may be required to wipe the customer's data from the device, including flash memory and hard disks. We strongly recommend you back up your data before the repair
  • (Relevant products only) Any computer, tablet or mobile which is carrying no licensed software or has been hacked or jail broken might not be repaired under warranty

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