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What’s the difference between Foil and Rotary heads in an Electric Shaver?

Foil and Rotary Shavers are two different types of the same thing with each including a different style of head and advantages coming down to personal preference.

Foil Shaver heads are made of metal layers with small holes in them. Behind this metal foil layer are rotating blades which cut hair captured within the holes in the foil. They can cut closer to the skin and tend to work best on finer straighter hairs.

Rotary Shavers consist of several separate circular shaving heads with rotating blades underneath the mesh to cut in multiple directions. Rotary heads work best on thick coarse hair growing in many directions and tend to be gentler on sensitive skin.

Switching from one type of Electric Shaver to another may need an adjustment period as each type of Shaver encourages hair to grow in different directions.

Is wet or dry hair better when using a Hair Straightener?

When using a Hair Straightener or Curler, always make sure hair is as close to touch dry as possible. Straightening wet hair can lead to significant heat damage potentially becoming brittle, dry and dull over time while making it harder to style in the future.

Hair can absorb a significant amount of water which a hot Hair Straightener can possibly boil causing it to burst out from the inside. Using a Straightener when hair is dry helps to avoid this damaging process, so be patient after a shower or use a non-contact Hair Dryer to speed things up.

Although using a Straightening Iron when hair is dry causes significantly less damage it can still have some impact. For best results try to use it on a lower heat and use heat protectant hair products beforehand. It's recommended to only use a Hair Straightener or Hair Curler once or twice weekly.

How do I use a Massage Gun?

Massage Guns are handheld devices with a form factor similar to a drill or Hair Dryer designed to help self-massaging through the rapidly moving head of the device, which applies force to muscle groups and connective tissue providing relief through both percussive deep tissue and/or vibration soft tissue therapy.

Percussive therapy encourages blood flow to areas that are sore, knotted or tired. For some medical conditions it is recommended to opt for gentler vibration therapy instead of percussive therapy, especially if you currently experience chronic pain or muscle sensitivity. Check in with a physiotherapist or GP before purchasing or using a Massager.

When using a Massage Gun, only aim to spend one or two minutes on each muscle group. Massage Guns are great to use as a warm up before working out or as a post workout cooldown if they're focused on the right muscle groups used or planned to use during activity.

What types of hairbrush work best with a Hair Dryer?

To ensure stylish and healthy hair every day, the right hairbrush is very important. There are a variety of different hairbrush types with each catering to different types of hair and hair care tasks. Depending on how a Hair Dryer is used and for what type of hair there are several different types of hairbrush worth having at home.

Paddle brushes are suited to all hair types and help smooth out hair without disrupting any natural waves or curls. These types of brushes are available with options for different bristles and sturdier materials like nylon for thicker hair.

For moderate or very thick hair a round brush can help work the frizz out. A Hair Dryer can be used to heat up the barrel of these brushes to make curls, waves or a full bodied blowout hairstyle. Vented brushes are great for speedy assisted drying with holes that allow hot air passthrough.