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Experience your favourite content on a cinematic scale at home or on the go and buy the best Mini Projectors in Australia online or in store from The Good Guys. Get a great deal on a huge range of portable Mini Projectors from leading brands like Philips and Nebula. Watch large scale media in up to 100 inches of screen size wherever you go with vibrant visuals, crisp audio and long battery life. Get around town with an amazing portable Projector thanks to The Good Guys.

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Need help choosing a mini projector? Learn how to spot yours with these tips.

For no fuss, portable big-screen entertainment you're going to love the latest mini projectors. Here's what to look out for.

What is a mini projector? What is the best mini projector?

A mini projector is small device that's often small enough to fit in a large jacket pocket or the pocket of a backpack. It’s an affordable option for people looking to watch movies on the go. Most have inbuilt speakers and apps so you can easily create a movie night.


Mini projectors are perfect for home use (watching movies with family and friends, sports or games) or business use (doing presentations on the road or at any time). When it comes to finding a good quality projector, you should look for the sound quality, the battery life, its portability and if it comes with accessories such as a carry case or any cables.


Although smaller than a traditional home theatre projector, a mini projector can produce high-quality images when used correctly. Look for aspects like inbuilt streaming capabilities along with a high lumen count for the best possible brightness.


NEBULA portable projectors are amongst our best-sellers, with buyers loving the versatility that these smart projectors have to offer like high contrast images, a 360-degree sound speaker, and an Android operating system to stream your favourite content. You can also mirror your phone to create images up to 100”. Other brands of popular projectors (not mini but can be portable) include Philips, Epson and Samsung.

How do mini projectors work? Can I connect my iPhone and laptop to a mini projector?

If you’ve got a smart mini projector, connecting your iPhone can be done wirelessly using Apple TV (AirPlay) or other streaming devices like Google Chromecast.

You can also connect your iPhone using an adapter - depending on your iPhone’s connection ports, you can use either a Lightning Digital AV Adapter or a Lightning to VGA Adapter. Also, check the input for the mini projector as most will have HDMI input meaning you’ll need to use a Lightning Digital AV Adapter. With this adapter, you’ll find you get a better, high definition video output.

Android users can use Chromecast, streaming devices such as Roku, inbuilt screen mirroring function, or HDMI. If you’re using a laptop, you can connect to a mini projector using a VGA or HDMI cable. You may need to use a mini HDMI cable and connect a full-sized HDMI plug to fit the port on your computer.

You could also use a Chromecast dongle with almost any computer, pending your mini projector supports HDMI.

What should I look for in a mini projector?

Mini projectors are brilliant for the flexibility they offer buyers. Imagine creating the ultimate date night by setting up a romantic outdoor cinema, ending a family BBQ with an immersive outdoor cinema experience, or popping over to a friend’s place to catch up on your favourite binge-watching series.

To do this, you’ll need to look for mini projectors with built-in wireless streaming capabilities. This will allow you to stream your favourite music or videos from YouTube, TV series or movies via your subscription streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus and more.

As a mini projector is portable, you need to check the battery life. Many for instance in the NEBULA range have a 4 hour battery life which means you can get through a movie without your projector dying halfway. That’s a bonus!

They will also have built-in speakers to complete your movie experience. If you’re after more sound than the projector offers, you can also connect to portable audio devices like Bluetooth speakers.

You may also wish to get a projector screen that is perfect for outdoor cinema nights.

What’s the difference between a mini & portable projector?

A mini projector is a portable projector! It’s small and compact, and you can easily fit it in your bag or even larger-sized pockets.

A portable projector can come in various sizes – from the mini varieties to larger ones that can be transferred from room to room (but may not fit in your pocket!).

Portable projectors are often used in business meetings or classroom environments where presentations are made. You’ve probably seen one being wheeled into a room once in your life!

Mini projectors need the room to be quite dark to give you the proper viewing effect. They are effective for homes, outdoor viewing at night, and in conference rooms that can be darkened.

However, if you’ve got a more well-lit area (daytime viewing, convention centre spaces and so on), you will find a larger portable projector much better.

If high quality picture imagery is important to you, you may find the quality of a mini projector is generally lacking compared to a larger projector.