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Seal a great deal on our range of Electric Cooktops and Built-in Fryers from The Good Guys. Electric Cooktops make it easy to cook delicious food with a consistent Cooking temperature throughout while being generally easy to clean and maintain. Whether it's for a renovation, replacement or going into a brand new kitchen, our great selection of stylish and functional Cooktops from leading brands such as Bosch, Chef and Haier is ready and waiting. Find the right size and styles in store and online with colours like Stainless Steel, Black or White at the best price with The Good Guys.

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Is an Electric Cooktop right for your kitchen? Find out here.

With so many Cooktops on the market today, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. To help make your decision easier we rounded up answers to the most common questions about Electric Cooktops.

What’s the difference between Induction and Electric Cooktops?

Electric Cooktops use a coiled metal element to provide heat. When the dial is adjusted, electricity runs through a wire inside the metal coils that heats them up. Some Electric Cooktops have raised metal plates for heating zones, whilst others house coils underneath a uniform glass surface called Ceramic Cooktops.

Induction Cooktops also use electricity by drawing on it to create magnetic field based heating, but not for the surface and directly to the Cookware. This keeps the surface cool to touch unlike a Ceramic Cooktop, but that does have residual heat indicators so you know when the Cooktop is cool again.

Induction Cooktops are safer, and quicker to heat like Gas Cooktops so you can start cooking sooner along with being more responsive to heat changes and being more energy efficient over regular Electric Cooktops. Because of these innovations, Induction Cooktops are the most expensive to buy outright and require compatible pots and pans to work. To summarise, Electric Cooktops are overall cheaper to run than Gas Cooktops and are considered safer because there’s no open flame.

How do I clean an Electric Cooktop?

The simplest thing you can do to make sure your Electric Cooktop is running efficiently is to keep it clean. Wiping up spills immediately will stop food from getting cooked on to the surface, which will make regular cleaning much harder down the line.

Try to avoid scratches on Ceramic Glass Cooktops by making sure the bottom surface of pots and pans are clean and dry. You may want to be careful about using cast iron cookware on a smooth topped Cooktop as these can be enough to scratch the surface, so check pots or pans have smooth bases before use.

Where possible, avoid using abrasive chemical cleaners and scouring pads as these can scratch the surface of the Cooktop. By wiping spills immediately, the need for more intensive cleaning products like this is significantly reduced. If more intensive cleaning is required look for Cooktop Cleaning creams made specifically for stainless steel or ceramic glass. Also keep an eye out for Electric Hotplate and Ceramic Cooktop protectors to help make spills less likely to stick and easier to wipe away.

How do you install an Electric Cooktop?

All Cooktops regardless of type need to be installed by a licensed electrician. There are still things you can do to make sure the installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Before buying, always make sure to measure the installation space accurately. The Cooktop needs to fit into an existing opening or cut out in a kitchen cabinet or bench, so accurate measurements will ensure you buy the right size for the space. If there isn't already a cut out space or existing opening, ensure the bench or cabinet work space is done beforehand. Referring to the model’s user manual for the installation instructions and requirements will help.

Depending on what sort of connections are already in place, some professional upgrading may also be required, so booking an assessment before installing will help ensure what is needed. At The Good Guys we offer Cooktop Installation as part of our Home Services which can include installation, demonstration and cleanup depending on the service selected.

What should I look for in an Electric Cooktop?

Most Electric Cooktops are Ceramic tops which are preferred by many for their sleek styling on a budget. Consider the Cooktop size required and the number of cooking zones. The main sizes available are 60cm with four zones, however there are 90cm models with either four zones for spacious cooking like some Chef Cooktops, or 90cm models with five zones where two can merge into one large zone like selected models from Technika.

Many of today’s Electric Ceramic Cooktops have an automatic switch off feature such as some Bosch or Westinghouse models, automatically turning off the cooking zone after a certain time if it's not deactivated. Also check out models with a child lock to lock the control panel's settings.

Also think about which controls would be easier for you, as Electric Ceramic Cooktops either come with control knobs or touch controls like Induction Cooktops. When it comes to cleaning, Ceramic Cooktops are easier compared to Electric Cooktops with solid plates as they are one uniform piece of glass.