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Vax Blade Pet Pro Cordless
Handstick Vacuum

Blitz through your entire home and rid carpets, floors and couches of fluff and dirt thanks to a powerful 28V lithium battery that suctions non-stop for 45 minutes without a cord getting in the way.

Vax Blade Cordless
Handstick Vacuum

Glide through cleaning household dirt and dust with the high performance battery in the Vax Blade Cordless Handstick Vacuum VX60.

Vax Stick Vacuums | The Good Guys

Vax Stick Vacuums

Discover the Vax Stick Vacuums here at The Good Guys. Get rid of all the dust around your home with ease with the Vax Blade Pro Cordless Vacuum, Vax Cordless Reach, Vax Blade Cordless Handstick Vacuum.

Vax Barrell Vacuums | The Good Guys

Vax Barrell Vacuums

Get loads done with Vax Barrell Vacuums. Protect your hard floors with Vax barrel vacuums thanks to its multi-cyclonic technology, deliver powerful suction while protecting your hard floor surfaces from scratches.

Vax Steam and Carpet Cleaners

All-round steam cleaning power - The Vax Steam Fresh Combi Steam Mop has a detachable handheld steamer so you can steam clean your highchairs, taps, showers, and cooktop with detergent to kill 99% of bacteria.

Vax Attachments and Accessories

Vax Attachments and Accessories

Explore our range of Vax stick vacuum accessories and Vax barrel vacuum accessories for carpets, hard floors, car cleaning, corners, ceilings, dusting, mattresses and pet hair make vacuuming quick and easy

About Vax

About Vax

Vax delivers best-selling floorcare brand and the only floorcare specialist to offer a comprehensive range of carpet cleaners, upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners, cordless, steam and hard floor cleaners.

Improve your day-to-day life with Vax's innovative products, available online and in store at The Good Guys.