6 Ways To Use Tech Time For Family Fun

December 7, 2023  –  3 min read

Board games are great and the trampoline will never go out of style – but if you’re looking for new and fun ways to spend quality time with your kids, sometimes it’s easiest to get on their wavelength. You know what we’re talking about… technology! Chances are your kids know their way around a smartphone, tablet and gaming hardware, and they’re enjoying daily screen time, so why not make the most of their plugged-in hours and switch on some family fun? 

Stuck for ideas? Here are six great suggestions to get you inspired.

A mother and daughter lie on a bed at home and watch a TV show on a tablet

Listen To A Podcast For Kids

You might struggle to get the kids to listen to you sometimes, but switch on a funny story, turn up a fascinating docuseries or tune in to an interview with their favourite musician or movie star and you’ll surely have their attention.

There are plenty of podcasts made to entertain the whole family, and with a portable smart speaker at home you can pop one on during bathtime or while you’re cooking. With everyone listening in, there’ll be plenty to chat about once dinner is served!

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Play Video Games Together

Got a gaming console at home? You and 91% of Australian households, according to the latest Australian Games Industry statistics! So pick up a Nintendo Switch controller (if that’s your weapon of choice) and get in on the action playing video games for kids.

They’ll love teaching you the controls and rules and introducing you to the virtual worlds they explore. You’ll love the downtime and getting to know what makes your little one tick. Better yet, introduce some healthy competition and put dish duty on the line!

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Make A Home Movie On Your Phone

Lights, smartphone camera, action! Whether you’ve got a little Brad Pitt in the making or a budding Steven Spielberg, there’s a role for everyone in modern-day home-movie making.

Go all out with a scripted masterpiece, characters and costumes, and put the family’s computer whiz on editing duty. Or keep it simple and use nothing more than the video function on your phone to film some funny shots of your pets, family life or backyard wonders. Little ones love watching back what you’ve captured, especially if they had a go at controlling the camera!

A mother and daughter chat on a video call at the kitchen table, with a smartphone positioned in a small tripod

Family Movie Night – Under The Stars!

Got teenagers who disappear into their rooms in the evening? Youngsters who think the only TV program in existence is The Wiggles? It’s time to bring back family movie night.

Set up a roster so you all take turns picking the flick of the week, or put the latest family blockbusters into a random hat draw. No matter how you choose what goes on the big-screen TV, just add popcorn and you’ve got yourself a night in at the home theatre.

“For a summertime twist, set up a projector in the backyard for family movie night,” says John Milonas, The Good Guys Buyer – Television & Accessories. “The Samsung Freestyle Smart Projector can play your favourites on a huge 100-inch screen, and Instant Setup Mode will automatically adjust the focus, levelling and scaling for you.” Now that’s quality screen time! 

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“For a summer-time twist, set up a projector in the backyard for family movie night. The Samsung Freestyle Smart Projector can play your favourites on a huge 100 inch screen.”

Read An E-book At Bedtime

Turn a new page on your bedtime story routine and impress the kids with a tale read from the Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover - Black (11th Generation-2021). With thousands of titles at their fingertips, you might want to allow a little extra time for selection, but once you’re off and reading they’ll be hooked.

You can even sneak in some learning with an eBook. Let them highlight the words they know on screen or take advantage of Kindle’s Word Wise feature, which helps with definitions and vocabulary lists.

Set A Challenge With Fun Fitness Tracking Apps

It’s Mum vs Dad. Parents vs kids. Sibling vs sibling. With fitness trackers, the entire family can go head-to-head in a wellness battle royale! Just strap on your wearables, log on to the compatible app, and set fun challenges like “Who can get the most steps during the school week?”.  Fresh air and fun are the dream team for family bonding!

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Ready to up the fun factor at home with tech that everyone can enjoy? Head in-store or online and let The Good Guys tech experts help you find the gadgets and gear you need.

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