Best Budget Security Cameras To Buy

December 12, 2023 – 3 min read

Buying a security camera is about buying peace of mind, and the good news is that you don’t have to earn movie star millions to protect your home or possessions. Budget home security systems that link to smartphones will give you real-time updates that deliver sophisticated security without the celebrity price tag.

Invest in multiple security cameras to give you full video coverage inside and outside your home. And don’t forget the video doorbell, so you can keep an eye on your packages and deliveries arriving at the front door while you are out.

Take a look at some of the hi-tech features you’ll find in cheap security cameras in Australia.

A young woman sits at her dining room table to assemble a new surveillance camera at home

Are Cheap Security Cameras Good?

“Modern security cameras linking to smartphones are a game changer in home security,” says David Linehan, The Good Guys Buyer – Tech Accessories. “With even the most basic of cameras you can get smartphone alerts and notifications when intruders are detected, and you can even speak to people in the house. Phone app access, motion detection tech and night-vision capabilities are now standard features in even the cheapest models.”

Cloud-based recording allows simple security devices to tap into terabytes of storage, turning small cameras into mighty protection. Pair and connect indoor, outdoor and doorbell security cameras for a full security system.

Look for Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa compatibility to add another layer of safeguarding technology with tech you already have. Worried about running costs? Some models are even solar powered!

“Modern security cameras linking to smartphones are a game changer. With even the most basic of cameras you can get smartphone alerts and notifications when intruders are detected.”

Who Makes The Best Cheap Security Cameras?

Look for brands such as Swann and eufy.

Eufy security cameras are a steal, boasting crisp 2K video quality in even the cheapest range. It means you can zoom in on smaller details like faces or number plates without losing clarity, which is all the better for catching the crims! 

Swann security cameras can come with wireless technology to make installation extra easy. Swann’s PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor detects thermal heat and motion, making it less likely to be set off by tree movement or passing traffic.

“Cheap security cameras really punch above their weight. The use of cloud-based recording and smartphone technology has turned even the most basic cameras into high-tech protection,” says David Linehan.

Shop Cheap Security Cameras

Connect SmartHome Smart HD Indoor Camera

Swann 1080p White Dome Camera with PIR Motion Sensor

TP-LINK Tapo 3MP Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi Camera

eufy 2K Indoor Security Camera

Product image of the eufy 2K Indoor Security Camera

Who Makes The Best Cheap Doorbell Security Cameras?

If it’s the front door you’re keen to keep an eye on, a simple doorbell security camera is the answer and fast becoming a smart home must-have. You can pair cheap doorbell security systems with other budget indoor or outdoor security cameras.

Look for brands such as Ring and eufy.

The Ring video doorbell range includes a night-vision camera and a selective motion-detection setting to stop the neighbourhood cats setting it off. You can two-way talk and answer the doorbell from your phone anywhere, anytime, so the crooks never know if the house is empty.

“You can get a smartphone alert when anyone approaches the front door, even if they don’t press the doorbell, meaning any suspicious activity is instantly recorded,” says David Linehan.

Doorbell cameras might seem small but the clarity is crystal clear, with wide-angle lenses even in affordable security models. Wireless doorbell security cameras make for foolproof installation.

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Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) Satin Nickel

Connect SmartHome 1080P Smart Video Doorbell with Chime

Swann 1080p Video Doorbell & Chime Kit

eufy Security Slim HD Doorbell with Repeater >

Front on image of a eufy Security Slim HD Doorbell with Repeater

Where Can I Buy A Cheap Security Camera?

At The Good Guys, of course! You can always get the best value on the latest security and smart home technology at The Good Guys. Pay Less Every day by trading in your mobile phone and use the store credit for your security camera purchases.

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Check Out Our Best-Value Range Of Security Cameras

Home security has never been cheaper or simpler to install. Invest in our best-value range of security cameras and doorbell cameras for peace of mind, and protect your favourite people and possessions. Chat to the team in-store or head online for great-value security cameras.

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