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Buy the best range of Condenser Dryers in Australia online or in store at The Good Guys. Grab a good deal on leading brands including Miele, ASKO and Fisher & Paykel. Condenser Dryers don't need vents which makes Installation much simpler than other dryers. Perfect for when the weather makes outdoor drying difficult, making it easy to wash and dry clothes any day. Whatever the brand, size or budget, get the right Condenser Drier for any Laundry at The Good Guys.

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  • ASKO PF 8kg Classic Condenser Dryer ASKO PF 8kg Classic Condenser Dryer
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    T208C Shipped by ASKO
    Ticket¤ $1999 TOP DEAL
  • Miele PF 8kg-4kg Combo Washer Dryer Miele PF 8kg-4kg Combo Washer Dryer
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    WTD 160 WCS Shipped by Miele
    Ticket¤ $3199 TOP DEAL
  • Miele PF 8kg-4kg Combo Washer Dryer Miele PF 8kg-4kg Combo Washer Dryer
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    WTR 870 WPM Shipped by Miele
    Ticket¤ $4299 TOP DEAL
  • Miele PF 9kg-5kg Combo Washer Dryer Miele PF 9kg-5kg Combo Washer Dryer
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    WTW 870 WPM Shipped by Miele
    Ticket¤ $4849 TOP DEAL
  • CHiQ 8kg-5kg Combo Washer Dryer CHiQ 8kg-5kg Combo Washer Dryer
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    4 payments of $199.75
  • Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg-5kg Combo Washer Dryer Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg-5kg Combo Washer Dryer
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Condenser Dryers: Everything you need to know.

Known for their fast drying abilities, suitability for apartments with their ventless design and ability to pair with a matching washer for a seamless experience, Condenser Dryers can make life easier for some households. Find out if it might work for yours here.

What is a Condenser Dryer?

A Condenser Dryer generates quite a bit of heat inside the drum to finish relatively quickly. Moisture is extracted from wet clothes, condensed into water and collected in the internal container to emptying after each cycle. You can alternatively use a supplied or separate drain hose to have the water drained which is recommended by some brands to avoid emptying mid cycle on big loads.

Although they don’t need venting to the outside like a Vented Dryer does as they generate a lot of hot air and moisture, they can still expel some hot air so you’ll need ventilation inside the Laundry. Standalone condensers have a capacity around 8kg from top brands like ASKO and Miele and they can also be found in Washer Dryer Combos from brands like Fisher & Paykel.

Many have sensors that automatically stop the cycle once moisture is no longer detected inside to prevent overheating, as well as reverse tumbling for less bunching during a cycle.

Which is better: Condenser or Heat Pump Dryers?

Heat Pump Dryers are great for regular use as they use little power, relying on a unique set of technologies like refrigerant to create and evenly distribute warm air, saving over time to offset the higher initial cost. They also reheat and recycle the same air back into the drum. If you're drying infrequently, a Condenser Dryer may suit the purpose better as they're typically about half the cost of a Heat Pump Drier.

While Condenser Dryers push out some hot air, Heat Pump Dryers (also known as Heat Pump Condenser Dryers) omit none and don’t require any ventilation whatsoever, so they can be placed anywhere including a cupboard. They also condense water into a condenser container for emptying and can be set up to be drained too, depending on where you place the Dryer.

Heat Pump Dryers usually take longer to dry but they’re gentler on clothes. However, many Condenser Dryers come with an included drying rack for extra care, while brands like ASKO's Condenser Dryer has the same ‘Soft Drum’ as in their Heat Pump Dryers to help cushion the load.

How do I install a Condenser Dryer?

Condenser and Heat Pump Dryers cannot be wall mounted as only Vented Dryers can due to lack of back ventilation, they can either sit Freestanding or Stacked above a Front Load Washing Machine using a stacking kit (sold separately). Stacking is a great way to save space in the Laundry, provided any existing cabinetry doesn’t get in the way.

That is why Condenser Dryers are ideally suited to accompany a matching Front Load Washer, whether stacked or sitting side by side under a bench, bringing seamlessness to the Laundry. Find a Washing Machine to match any Condenser Dryer from brands like LG and Fisher & Paykel.

It’s best to have a Condenser Dryer living in the Laundry for Washing & Drying convenience, but if it's needed elsewhere, make sure that room is well ventilated and only run small loads so you don’t need to rely on a drain. Just make sure to empty out the condenser container after loads finish.

Are Condenser Dryers expensive to run?

Condenser Dryers cost more to run compared to Heat Pump Dryers. Comparing Condenser versus Vented Dryers, both are around on par with the majority of models on a 2 Star Energy Rating, however there is greater drum capacity in a Condenser (8kg) than Vented (around 4.5 to 6.5kg), so when viewed that way they can be more cost effective.

If you’re not using your Dryer that often, then go for the one that suits your laundry set up and your living arrangements. For example for renters Condenser Dryers are great as there's no need to organise venting. Always use the max spin speed on your Washer where possible to cut down on Drying time.

Remember to compare Dryers of the same capacity to gauge what the energy efficiency is like, and estimate what the average annual running cost will be by referring to the Australian Government’s Energy Rating website.