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February 29, 2024 – 3 min read

Where would we be without mobile phones? As well as allowing us to call for help if necessary, these devices keep us in touch with family and friends. The same goes for kids. A mobile phone means they can get hold of parents at the touch of a button. These days, there are many features that make phones great for kids, including parental controls, easy ways to find the phone if it’s lost, and stacks of educational games.

Whether you’re hunting for a 5G mobile or an iPhone, here’s our guide to the best phones for kids.

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Should My Child Have A Mobile Phone?

That depends on your child. Are they responsible? Do they do after-school activities that mean you might need to get in touch with them quickly if plans change? A good smartphone for kids is one that will ease a parent’s mind, knowing you’ll always be able to reach them or find them if needed.

There are many benefits to kids having a mobile phone, says John Wong, The Good Guys Buyer – Mobiles & Plans.
“Phones for kids are a great tool to teach responsibility, plus they keep the whole family’s calendars synced and visible to everyone at all times. But most importantly, your child will be able to call you if the school bus breaks down, or footy practice gets rained out,” says John.

“Phones for kids are a great tool to teach responsibility, plus they keep the whole family’s calendars synced and visible to everyone at all times.”

What Types Of Phones Are Best For Kids?

For every age group and budget, there is a great mobile phone – one that suits your child and your family.

“There are many good parental controls built into smartphones these days, so that means the choice of phone really comes down to the hobbies, interests and responsibility level of your child,” says John Wong.

For younger kids, who might not be ready to use the internet unsupervised, you can still get traditional flip phones with buttons and traditional candy bar phones. Then, when they’re old enough to be style-conscious trendsetters, they can graduate to folding smartphones.

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Opel Mobile Flip Phone 6

Nokia C02 2/32GB

OPPO A58 128GB Dazzling Green

Front on image of an OPPO A58 in Dazzling Green

Best Mobile Phone Features To Look For

When looking for a phone for a child, you might think the main considerations should be camera quality, screen size, and perhaps some of the latest sophisticated functions.

But, according to John Wong, when it comes to the best phone for kids, it’s important to start with the fundamentals.
“The most important things to look for in a smartphone for kids are durability features: What is the IPX rating (water-resistance and dustproof rating)? Are there durable cases available for that model? After that, you can consider things like cameras and make sure the phone runs on the same operating system as the rest of the family’s phones,” says John.

What Is The Best iPhone For Kids?

Keeping your kids’ phones in the same operating ecosystem as your own can be a massive help when it comes to app purchasing and keeping an eye on things. The good news is there are plenty of iPhone options that are appropriate for kids. The iPhone SE second generation or the iPhone 15 make a great first iPhone for kids, with everything you want from an iPhone for small hands.

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Who Makes The Best Cheap Phones For Kids?

Both Nokia and Motorola make great entry-level smartphones that’ll give kids a good starting point, without breaking the budget. For older, more responsible and trendsetting children, flip phones are all the rage again, like the Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. Samsung also makes great affordable smartphones as part of the Galaxy A series.

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Motorola g14 4/128GB Steel Gray

Nokia C02 2/32GB

Samsung Galaxy A05S 128GB

Product image of the Samsung Galaxy A05S

Best Phones For Kids Who Love Gaming

If you have a child who loves games, a phone is a good place for them to explore gaming. Signing up for Apple Arcade on iPhone will give them access to more than 100 games without ads or in-app purchases. If they want a meatier gaming experience, signing up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate means they can play Xbox games on their phone without needing to own an Xbox.

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iPhone SE

Motorola razr 40

Samsung Galaxy S24

Product image of the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE 128GB Mint

Is your child ready for their first smartphone? For great advice and the best prices on the biggest brands including iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and Motorola, come see us in-store or online

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