Intel Evo Explained

Want a laptop with a difference? Laptops that carry the Intel Evo badge have best-in-class connectivity, long lasting battery life and fast charging. Designed to keep up with you - these sleek and stylish laptops ensure you'll always get on-the-go, fast and flawless performance.

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Intel Evo

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Why You Need Intel Evo

Instant Action

Instant Action

Lightweight with instant wake, these portable laptops can go with you anywhere and start up within just one second.

Incredible Performance

Incredible Performance

Engineered and verified by Intel - you're guaranteed powerful, speedy performance that's been tested for every type of user.

Long Lasting Battery

Long Lasting Battery

With over 9 hours of battery life, this laptop also has impressive charging - recharge to at least 4 hours in just 30 minutes.

Great For Work & Play

Great For Work & Play

From work to streaming to gaming, these clever laptops are a whole new breed of PC that can help you do it all.



Let’s Talk Tech

Intel Evo Technology Glossary

Check out below to get clued up on all the Intel Evo jargon before you start shopping.

Intel Evo

One of the leading brands for the platform released by Intel that's created to keep up with today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Every Intel Evo design is engineered and verified by Intel to give you the best laptop experience.

Instant Wake

A clever feature by Intel, referring to the device's ability to wake in an instant from sleep mode in less than one second.

Fast Charging

A term referring to chargers and devices capable of charging faster than the current charging standard. Intel Evo laptops are known for their fast charging capabilities. With many of these type of laptops, you can recharge the battery to 4 hours in just 30 minutes!

Battery Life

The length of time a device can continue to work before it needs its battery to be recharged. Intel Evo laptops have a whopping 9 hour battery life!

Dynamic Noise Suppression

The removal of unwanted artefacts or noise from your surrounding environment in video material.

Background Concealment

The hiding of an actual background in video display e.g. Background Blur feature.

Face Framing*

A feature that focuses on the face of the person on screen and adjusts to help the user look professional.

File Transfer

Transferring files from your smartphone or device to your laptop. This saves time and reduce frustration when transferring files and photos between your PC and Android or iOS device. It also allows you to enjoy the ease of taking a photo or video on your phone and seamlessly edit it on your PC.

*Features not specific to every brand of Intel Evo Laptop. Please refer to the technical specifications of the individual product for more information.

What Real Customers Have To
Say About Intel Evo Laptops

Asus Vivobook S EVO 14"

Bryce's Customer Review

Works effectively for the price level. Feels future proof and sturdy. Ideal laptop for a teacher/presenter

HP ENVY X360 EVO 13.3"

Jenni J's Customer Review

Great little unit that performs well. Compact and lightweight . I bought two of them for business use and they are ideal. Highly recommended.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro EVO

Susan's Customer Review

This light laptop is fast and fits easily in my backpack for TAFE. I would definitely recommend it for good value for money.

HP ENVY X360 EVO 13.3"

Jazz's Customer Review

As a uni student, I love that I can make quick notes on it. light enough to carry everywhere.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro EVO

Emily's Customer Review

This laptop is perfect for personal use, will keep me organised and entertained. It is super speedy compared to other laptops I have used in the past, and I appreciate how sleek and compact it is.

There's More To Love With Intel Evo

Seamless Syncing With Intel EVO

Effortlessly sync your phone and make your PC the go to hub for work and play.

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Get Next Level Performance With Intel EVO

Get premium performance on the go with Intel Evo included in many premium laptops.

Steam Oven Cooking | The Good Guys

Intel EVO - Designed For You

Many Intel Evo laptops now include touchscreens, dual screens, and 2-in-1 designs.

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Intel Evo FAQs

What Is Intel Evo?

Intel Evo is a clever platform designed by Intel that provides premium performance when it comes to computers. With excellent responsiveness, long battery life, super-fast charging, and thin-and-light designs, they add a whole new experience to laptops.

Is Intel Evo Worth It?

It sure is! Laptops that meet the Intel Evo requirements undergo rigorous testing and certification to ensure they deliver brilliant performance and offer impressive user experience.

Is Intel Evo Good For Gaming?

While Intel Evo laptops are not primarily gaming laptops, many models can run a wide range of games and can handle casual gaming with ease.

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