Best Value French Door Fridges For A New-Look Kitchen!

February 29, 2024 – 3 min read

French door fridges are the pinnacle of uber-cool kitchen appliances, so of course you’ve got one on your wish list! And if the price tag is the only thing preventing you from making the fridge upgrade today, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got your back with cheap French door fridges that are super chic, energy efficient and packed with features and functionality to keep your groceries AND your budget chilled.

Whether you’ve got your eye on an LG French door fridge, a Samsung French door fridge or a Fisher & Paykel French door fridge, we’ll help you find the best French door fridge for your household at a Pay Less Every day price.

Here’s everything you need to know to find the best value French door fridge to buy.

A man opens the door of the French door fridge in his kitchen to remove a plate of food

Are Cheap French Door Fridges Good?

You bet they are – and there are plenty to choose from, depending on the size of your kitchen, family and budget.

“The best value fridge is one that costs you less but still serves up energy savings, the ideal capacity for your household, and smart features to suit your needs and lifestyle,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration.

French door fridges, in general, are a more high-end kitchen purchase but if you do your homework, you’ll find an affordable buy with all the next-gen tech and an on-trend design.”

“French door fridges, in general, are a more high-end kitchen purchase but if you do your homework, you’ll find an affordable buy with all the next-gen tech and an on-trend design.”

Who Makes The Best Cheap French Door Fridges?

Look to kitchen heroes Hisense, Haier and Samsung to grant your wish for a cheap French door fridge.

“The best way to bag ongoing savings is with an energy efficient French door fridge, and Hisense has you covered there,” says Peter Simic. “Their entry-level model has an impressive 4.5-star energy rating for bill-time savings, plus you get a water dispenser, which everyone knows is the hallmark of a fabulous fridge.”

Want more? You’ve got it. Hisense also packs in an adjustable temperature zone so you can nail the perfect chill for your beverages, meat or seafood. In the freezer, you get a superfast freezing function to lock in the flavour and nutritional value of your farmers’ market hauls.

Samsung’s cheapest French door fridge is another winner. For far less than you’d expect to pay, you get a huge 488L capacity – ideal for medium-sized households – and an on-trend matte black, fingerprint-resistant finish. Inside, separate refrigerator and freezer cooling systems help maintain optimum temperatures and prevent odours travelling between the two.

Shop Cheap French Door Fridges

Hisense 609L French Door Refrigerator

Samsung 495L French Door Refrigerator

Haier 489L French Door Refrigerator

Samsung 495L French Door Refrigerator

Product image of a Samsung 495L French Door Refrigerator

Who Makes The Best Mid-Range French Door Fridges?

It’s the kitchen kingpins at LG, Westinghouse and Fisher & Paykel, of course.

Keen to invest in the top tech in a French Door fridge freezer? Fisher & Paykel models are well worth a look. Their ActiveSmart™ foodcare sensors continuously adjust the temperature inside the fridge according to your daily use. By distributing cool air evenly, these French door fridges ensure your family's food is kept at a cool and safe temperature at all times, reducing food spoilage and keeping your grocery spend in check.

“If you have a little more in your budget for a French door fridge, prioritise smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity for easy troubleshooting. This will save you money in the long run by keeping you informed of any minor issues and maintenance before they become big issues,” says Peter Simic. “LG has you covered here with its mid-range models offering Smart Diagnosis when linked in with the LG ThinQ app.”

Shop Mid-Range French Door Fridges

LG 506L French Door Refrigerator

Westinghouse 541L French Door Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel 569L French Door Refrigerator

LG 530L French Door Refrigerator

Product image of the LG 530L French Door Refrigerator

Where Can I Buy Cheap French Door Fridges?

At The Good Guys, of course! You’ll always get the best value on the latest cheap kitchen appliances at The Good Guys. That’s because we have plenty of options and discounts to help you Pay Less Every day.

Choose one of our eligible fridges and we’ll repay you part of the cost with a RealCa$h rebate, straight into your bank account! And don’t forget to check out our clearance bargains page for hefty savings on household essentials. Alternatively, we offer interest-free finance options through Latitude, as well as PayPal In 4, Zip, and AfterPay.

Check Out Our Best Value Range

Let us help ease your cost of living! Head in-store or online to find the biggest brands of fridges at the best prices.

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