The Right (And Wrong!) Spots For Your Home Security Cameras

June 7, 2024 - 4 min read

So, you’ve decided to step up your home security (and peace of mind) with a few well-placed cameras or a video doorbell to make would-be burglars think twice. Smart move! Just don’t find out too late that you’ve wound up with futile footage because you set up your home security system in the wrong spot!

“The great news for home owners now is that with more affordable home surveillance options on the market such as video doorbells and CCTV camera packs, along with improvements in wireless technology, just about anyone can set up a home security camera system quickly and easily to fit their budget and needs,” says David Linehan, The Good Guys Buyer – Tech Accessories. “Regrettably, though, many people make the mistake of poor positioning when it comes to security cameras for home.”

Man installing a security camera on the ceiling of his front porch, just near the front door.

Why Location Is Everything

“Whether your goal is to discourage break-ins, protect pets and parcels, or monitor your home while you’re away, security cameras are your first line of defence,” says Mark Fletcher, managing director of Ring security products.  “And the more strategically placed they are, the better job they’ll do at protecting your family and property.

“That’s because a well-situated camera with a clear range of view – and good image quality – greatly increases the chance of identifying and catching intruders, and can even set you up for lower home insurance premiums.”

Want optimum surveillance? Here’s the expert line from both Mark and David on the five best places to install your home security cameras – along with the most common mistakes to avoid.

#1 The Front Door

Fact is, most burglars enter through the most obvious paths – and it doesn’t get much more obvious than your front door! Not only the number one entry point for intruders, it’s also ground zero for those porch pirates who want to make off with your prized parcels.

Get Vigilant With A Video Doorbell

A rapid-fire trend, video doorbells are an excellent way to guard your front door and can do double duty as your primary camera. They generally use Wi-Fi to stream live video to your smartphone and can come with extra features such as cloud video storage, motion detection, and even alarms. “With a video doorbell, you can keep an eye on what’s going on at your front door, watch for deliveries and deter unwelcome guests, as well as speak to visitors,” says Mark Fletcher.

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#2 The Side And Back Doors

Out-of-sight doors are especially enticing to would-be thieves; as are unlocked windows at the side and rear of your home. Our advice? Locate a security camera near your secondary door or entry and choose an elevated vantage point to maximise coverage across your whole yard or down the side of your house.

#3 The Garage

Whether it’s attached to your house or separate, the garage is a common target for burglars because it’s all too often one of the most easily breached entry points. “Having a camera by your garage helps to safeguard all those valuable items inside like bikes, tools, sports equipment and, of course, cars. Consider installing a camera with a built-in sensor light or siren, such as the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro Battery White,” says Mark Fletcher of Ring.

#4 The Backyard

“Backyards are often neglected security-wise, making them a prime pick for break-ins,” says Mark. “When choosing the correct camera for your backyard, make sure it can capture the full area. Night vision and built-in spotlights are also great features to have, to light up those darker areas when motion is detected.”

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#5 Common Inside Areas

“It’s important to look at whole-home security inside, and out,” advises Mark Fletcher. “Internal cameras can also be extremely handy in those ‘hotspots’ likely to lure burglars, like home offices, hallway drop zones where people often keep car keys, or non-street-facing windows.”

The golden rule when it comes to indoor cameras? “Never violate anyone’s privacy,” adds David Linehan. “Remember, it’s an offence to videorecord anyone without their consent in places they would reasonably expect to be private, such as a bedroom or bathroom.”

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Biggest Home Security Camera Blunders

And now for those don’ts! Our experts, David Linehan and Mark Fletcher, recommend you steer clear of these common home surveillance sins:

  • Don’t point your camera directly at the sun.
  • Don’t mount it too low (it should be low enough to capture details but out of easy reach of burglars – 2.4m to 3m is optimal).
  • Don’t install your camera where your range of view will soon be obstructed by a fast-growing tree.
  • Don’t place cameras outside your Wi-Fi range or you’ll miss real-time notifications in your home. (If needed, consider a device such as a Chime Pro near your camera to extend your network.)

Serious about home security? We’ve got the best home security camera systems! Head online or in-store to shop everything from budget-friendly video doorbells to complete wireless home security packages with high-quality 4K footage.

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