Shop the Google Chromecast online and in store at The Good Guys. Chromecast with Google TV is one of the most powerful Streaming Devices on the market, offering access to a world of Smart TV content including movies, TV, music, Radio, YouTube, subscription streaming services and much more. Access over 10000 apps like Stan, Netflix, ABC iView, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Kayo, Tiday and so many more. Chromecast setup is simple, just plug the unit into the TVs HDMI port and plug in the USB port to power it (which can sometimes come from the TV too!), then follow the prompts to connect a Google account. Connect the TV to a home's Smart Home system using the Google Assistant to view a Video Doorbell feed, control Smart Lighting, setup alarms, check the weather and so much more. Control with a Chromecast Remote Control to navigate everything seamlessly. Kick back and settle in for great nights at home with a Google Chromecast Ultra HD 4K at the best price from The Good Guys.

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Upgrade any TV from dumb to smart easily with a Google Chromecast including Google TV.

Get into all the latest TV shows, movies, music and much more content on Google TV with a Chromecast. Learn all about its features and if a Chromecast is right for you below.

What can a Google Chromecast do?

A Google Chromecast is a small Streaming Device that plugs into a TV's HDMI port and allows streaming video, music, photos and more from phones, tablets or a laptop directly to the TV. Stream shows, movies, videos, music, sports, and other content from apps like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Disney+, HBO Max and thousands more. Cast content playing on your phone or tablet to your TV with just a tap of a button.

View photos and videos on a big screen TV by casting from apps like Google Photos. Play music from apps like Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music etc. and enjoy the audio from the TV's speakers, Soundbar or Hi-Fi Sound System. Cast a Chrome browser tab so any website or web content can be displayed on the TV, which is great for viewing recipes, presentations, documents and more.

Use a phone as a remote control for the Chromecast while casting content to pause, play, rewind or forward what's playing without needing a separate remote. Casting works with both Android and iOS devices with compatible casting apps. Chromecasts are compact and different models can provide up to 4K video quality.

What does a Google Chromecast work with?

A Google Chromecast is designed to be very versatile in terms of device compatibility and what types of apps it can stream from. Compatible devices include Android Phones & Tablets, iPhones & iPads, Laptops & Computers both Windows and Mac, along with any device that has apps with Google Cast technology built-in. Some of the most popular compatible apps & services available are YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Spotify, Pandora and web browsers like Chrome via tab casting. These are just a few of the thousands of apps with Cast technology.

To connect to any standard HD TV, 4K TV or smart TV, Chromecasts require a HDMI port and they can work with any TV connected sound system. Chromecasts also require a WiFi network connection over 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz with a recommended minimum internet speed of 1.5 Mbps download. Chromecast is built to provide a lot of flexibility working with all major mobile and desktop operating systems, thousands of different media apps and a wide range of TVs new and old.

How to setup a Google Chromecast?

Setting up a Google Chromecast to start streaming to your TV is quick and straightforward. First plug the Chromecast device into the TVs HDMI port - most HDTVs have an open HDMI slot to easily insert the Chromecast into providing both video and audio connectivity. Next connect the Chromecast USB power cable - it will either come with a wall adapter or USB cable to provide power to the device, simply connect it just like charging a smartphone.

Then connect it to WiFi by using the Google Home app on a smartphone to select the WiFi network name, enter the password and allow the Chromecast to join. This allows it to communicate with compatible internet-connected devices and apps. To use certain subscription streaming services, once connected to WiFi link video apps like Netflix or YouTube to the Google account to be able to quickly cast content to the TV.

From here, start casting content by opening a compatible app like YouTube or Spotify on a phone, tablet or computer then tap the Cast button from within the app to seamlessly send the content to the big screen TV. While casting use the device as a remote to pause, play, control volume and more right from the casting device with no separate remote needed.

Which Google Chromecast is best?

With a few different Chromecast models available, here is a look at which one is considered the "best" depending on your needs and setup. The Chromecast with Google TV is the baseline choice, running Google TV directly on the device. This provides an on-screen home view, content recommendations, apps, voice search and more without needing to cast from another device. It comes with a remote control to navigate, play/pause, adjust volume and more directly from the Chromecast itself, supports up to 4K HDR video quality for crisp, vibrant visuals, includes Dolby Atmos audio support for surround sound and contains 8GB of built-in storage to download apps and games directly to.

For an affordable but solid streaming option, the 3rd Generation Chromecast is a great budget choice. It streams up to 1080p HD video quality with a simple design that only allows casting content with no on-screen interface or remote. It does cost less than the Chromecast with Google TV so while you don't get 4K video or a remote control, the 3rd gen Chromecast still provides smooth 1080p streaming at a very wallet-friendly price point.

For top of the line Home Theatre setups, the Chromecast Ultra offers maximum streaming performance. It streams video in up to 4K Ultra HD quality with HDR color support, features the fastest processor and WiFi connectivity for very smooth streaming and an Ethernet port for the wired connectivity option, along with all the features of the Chromecast with Google TV. For the absolute best visual performance to take advantage of a premium 4K TV, the Chromecast Ultra delivers maximum streaming quality in an affordable package.