Top 4 Reasons To Use Noise Cancelling Headphones

28 February, 2024 - 4 min read

Nowadays, noise cancelling headphones don’t just give us the power to escape to our favourite sounds without the outside world intruding… they’re increasingly becoming an essential tool for modern life.

“Noise cancelling headphones didn’t just evolve for the sake of better technology but to fit with how we live, work and play,” says Christos Boukogiannis, The Good Guys Buyer – Sound. “We now have so much content readily available that people are increasingly using headphones to create a space of their own; not just at home or work – but out and about, too.”

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a girl skating on her skateboard whilst listening to music on her Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

How Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work?

After Dr Bose (Founder of Bose Corporation) took a noisy flight from Zurich to Boston in 1978, he had an audio epiphany: Using basic physics, he designed a headset technology that uses miniature microphones to detect external noise, and electronics to generate an equal and opposite signal that cancels it out before it reaches the listener’s eardrums, this lead to the first commercial acoustic noise cancelling headphones in 1989. Genius! 

How Noise Cancelling Headphones Can Transform Your Life

From the moment we open our eyes, we’re surrounded by sights, sounds, demands and thoughts that weigh on our minds. Here are five ways that noise cancelling headphones can calm and improve your everyday existence. Plus, we’ve scoped the best Bose noise cancelling headphones and Bose noise cancelling earbuds to make you fall in love at first listen.

“Noise cancelling headphones didn’t just evolve for the sake of better technology but to fit with how we live, work and play.” Christos Boukogiannis, The Good Guys Buyer – Sound

#1 Boost Your Mood (With Music)

Whether it’s powering you through that early morning run or lifting your spirits, music has the ability to improve how you feel emotionally and physically. With their incredible audio quality, noise cancelling headphones deliver the ultimate in sound therapy. And because you don’t have to ramp up the volume to fully savour those top tracks, your ears will be happier, too!

Best Headphones For The Job: Cocoon yourself in your favourite mood-lifting music in Quiet Mode, or tap twice for Aware Mode when you need to stay alert to your surroundings with the Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds. Offering cord-free workouts, these Bose wireless earbuds are designed to stay put, no matter what.

#2 Enjoy Happier Travels

Spreading your wings again soon? Make noise cancelling headphones the first thing you pack. Say goodbye to unwanted noise and hello to crisp, vibrant in-flight entertainment to make the hours fly by. They’re also great for calming nervous flyers.

Best Headphones For The Job: The Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones obliterate unwanted cabin noise and also come with a cable, so you can plug into the plane’s entertainment system for superior sound in movies. With a whopping 24-hour* battery life, these headphones will outlast even the longest flights.

a woman looking out into the ocean listening to music with her noise cancelling Bose headphones

#3 Be More Productive At Work

Tune out any distraction that stands between you and that deadline. With wireless Bose Bluetooth headphones and Bose earbuds, you can join conference calls seamlessly and enjoy clear-as-a-bell conversations.  

Best Headphones For The Job: Swipe or tap to effortlessly manage volume, calls or music with the Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones – Bose’s most advanced headphones ever – and use built-in voice control* or native voice assistant to instantly access important messages. After a more low-key look? Bose QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds offer premium voice-isolation technology so you’ll never miss another word from that top client.

#4 Sideline Stress

Tuning out is just as vital for our wellbeing as tuning in. Noise cancelling headphones can’t be beaten when it comes to carving out uninterrupted “me-time” with your favourite podcast or audio book – or rediscovering why silence is golden.

Best Headphones For The Job: The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 Silver have 11 levels of active noise cancelling, so you decide how much of the outside world to let in; while the slim silicone headband and plush ear cushions make for light and luxurious wear. 

Aman using Bose noise cancelling earbuds while he works

How To Use Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

So, you’ve just snapped up some life-transforming headphones from Bose Australia? The Good Guys are here to answer all your questions. For example, maybe you’re wondering ‘how to pair my Bose headphones to my device?’. We’re here to help you enjoy your headphones to the max.

How To Connect My Bose Headphones To An iPhone?

Easy! Slide the power/Bluetooth button up on the right ear cup to make them discoverable. You'll hear ‘Ready to pair’. Go to Settings on your iPhone and enable Bluetooth. Your Bose headphones should appear under My Devices. Select them and you’re good to go.

How To Connect My Bose Headphones To My Laptop?

Same as above! Except you’ll go to Settings on your laptop’s Bluetooth menu and wait for your Bose headphones to become visible.

Can Bose Headphones Connect To A PS5?

Yes they can! All Bose’s wireless headphones come with a 3.5 mm port and cable to connect to the PS5 through a wired connection. However, if you want to connect wirelessly, you’ll need a Bluetooth transmitter.

How To Reset Bose 700 Headphones?

To reboot your headset (without erasing product settings), connect the USB charging cable to a power outlet. Press and hold the Power/Bluetooth button on your headset and while holding, connect the USB cable to the right earcup until the Power light blinks twice. Wait two seconds then release the button.

Why Won’t My Bose Headphones Connect?

Make sure they’re fully charged. Try turning them off for 10 seconds before turning them back on. Still not pairing? Try resetting, as well as removing all instances of your Bose product in the Bluetooth menu of your device. Bose headphones will not pair while charging.


Ready to embrace the power of sound? Head in store or online for a banging selection of Bose headphones and Bose earbuds at the best prices!


*Voice services (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant) may vary and may not be available in all languages and countries.
*Battery testing was conducted by Bose with active noise cancelling on and in continuous audio playback at 50% volume. Battery runtime is based on typical use and may vary based on usage.

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