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From Treadmills and Ellipticals to Electric Bikes and Scooters, there are a lot of options for staying active at home and outdoors.

Want to get active outside or looking for gym equipment for a home workout? Here’s everything to know around the best Sports, Outdoors and Fitness products.

What Gym Equipment is best for me?

It's best to start out with equipment that you're comfortable with or enjoy using. Each type of equipment has features like Health Tracking to look out for.

Treadmills are the most popular home gym equipment. The faster jogging or running the longer the stride is, so make sure the treadmill has enough length for you at higher speeds. Check the sides of the moving belt are easy to stand on or quickly jump to for safety.

For Exercise Bikes make sure the seat can be easily adjusted to a comfortable height for anyone using it. If the bike seat feels uncomfortable to sit on for longer periods look at a replacement seat or a gel seat cover available from bike shops.

If you have low ceilings, check you won’t hit your head whilst using an Elliptical Trainer. Some models can be folded to save space.

How fast can an Electric Scooter go?

The top speed of an Electric Scooter varies between different models. Most E-scooters have top ends between 25 and 50 km per hour although this can be affected by several factors.

Weight makes it harder for an e-scooter to reach its top speed. Most manufacturers provide maximum weight capacities which are useful to check particularly if you are heavier or want to carry things while riding. Extra weight also drains an Electric Scooters battery quicker.

The size of the tyres and the terrain being travelled over also affects speed. Rocky surfaces and dirt tracks are more demanding than flat and even city streets or bike paths.

Most Electric powered Scooters have a speed limiter to prevent them from exceeding the legal limit in Australia. Each state and territory has different rules and regulations in place for their use, including limits on top speeds and motor capacities. Always check your appliacable local laws before buying or riding.

Can you ride an Electric Bike in the rain?

Many Electric Bikes are water resistant and can be ridden effectively under a variety of conditions including rainy weather. If you want to be able to ride an E-bike in the wet first check with the manufacturer the model is rated for riding in the rain.

Prepare for wet weather cycling to keep safe and comfortable, as wet conditions can make it difficult to see cyclists on the road. Invest in front and rear lights fit on the bike or helmet to help other vehicles see you.

Clothing quickly becomes soaked in the rain so it's a good idea to wear a lightweight, water resistant jacket or coat to protect clothes from the damp. Synthetic fibres and woollen clothing are a safer, drier option than cotton in wet conditions.

Also consider investing in sealed and waterproof dry bags to safely store belongings, especially if papers or a Laptop is being carried when riding.

Which is best to increase on a Treadmill: speed or incline?

Treadmills are a type of Home Gym Equipment designed to allow walking, jogging or running exercises at home. Many Treadmills can adjust the intensity of the workout by changing the speed of the belt being ran or walked on, or by changing the incline of the surface supporting the belt. Incline can be used to replicate hills and slopes encountered when exercising outdoors.

Whether you prefer to control speed or incline, both types of adjustments will burn calories and improve personal endurance, leg and lung strength (aka aerobic fitness). Whilst increasing incline and speed each have different advantages, remember the best workout routines are the ones we enjoy doing.

When incline or speed is increased on a treadmill, the body burns more calories to keep up the pace. Introducing an incline helps improve muscle strength in the legs, whilst speed improves endurance.