Floor Show: How To Get A Better Clean With Bissell

February 27, 2024 - 5 min read 

So you’ve spilt coffee on the couch, knocked over a glass of red onto the rug, or maybe a certain four-legged family member has trekked mud onto the carpet. Whatever the flooring fiasco, cleaning is easy when you’ve got a Bissell cleaner on hand. Make Bissell carpet cleaners and steam mops part of your cleaning arsenal and you’ll power through dirt, stains and spills on all types of flooring. 
Bissell’s handy cordless designs, deep-clean modes and specialty cleaning formulas will help you conquer any clean-up in no time! From laundry tiles to bedroom carpet and high-traffic hallways, here’s how to get floors gleaming with a trusted Bissell cleaner.  

Dad cleans up mess from kid and dog with their Brissell Vacuum cleaner

How To Clean Hard Floors

Ceramic tiles, hardwood timber or lino… Hard floors come in all forms and need some TLC to look their best, particularly in high-traffic zones – which means you need hard-hitting cleaning tech to keep them shipshape and shining. Bissell Australia has the cleaners you require to get hard surfaces pristine – minus the elbow grease. 
The Bissell CrossWave HydroSteam offers a quick, easy, access-all-areas fix for breakfast crumbs or dust bunnies. Both a vacuum and floor washer, the two-in-one mop and vac functionality makes this appliance a must for the time-poor.  
Its suction-wash combo deals with the likes of pasta sauce spills, mud and even a broken egg (yes, shell and all) – use the hard floor sanitise formula to kill 99.9% of bacteria! Spills splashed onto the rug? Just switch to Area Rug mode. Unlike the bucket and mop of old, the Bissell CrossWave HydroSteam features a separate tank for dirty water to ensure streak-free floors every time. When you're done, use the Self-Cleaning Cycle function to easily clean the vac.

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How To Clean Carpets

Forget incessant scrubbing or a furious dab at life’s little accidents – Bissell carpet cleaners provide the deep clean of your dreams. Give carpets the day spa treatment with a Bissell carpet cleaner, made to brush, wash, vacuum and revive your carpet pile so it looks new again.  
With the Bissell SpotClean Hydrosteam, you can address spills before they become stains – the compact design and versatile attachments are made for unexpected messes.  

For a full carpet clean before you leave the rental, or as part of a whole-house spring-clean, the Bissell Revolution HydroSteam is your go-to. The powerful brushes and suction method are designed to to remove stains and even dirt that's embedded deep.  

Plus, you'll only ever use clean water as you go thanks to a twin-tank system that holds clean water and formula in one tank, while dirty water is pulled into a separate tank We love that! 

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Bissell SpotClean Hydrosteam

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How To Use A Bissell Carpet Cleaner

Between its shampooing, brushing and suction skills, the Bissell Revolution Pet offers a full-service deep clean for carpets. Here’s how to get the most out of your Bissell carpet cleaner:

  1. Fill the top water tank with warm water and formula – the fill level is based on your desired cleaning mode (Max Clean, Deep Clean or Express Clean).
  2. Plug in the cleaner, turn on and use the toggle to set your desired cleaning mode.
  3. Working in sections, pass the brush over and back while holding the handle trigger to release the formula. Then, go back over the same section with the trigger released.
  4. Dirty water gets deposited into a second, lower tank, which you’ll need to empty throughout the cleaning process. 

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How To Clean Upholstery

Did you know you can use the Bissell SpotClean Carpet Cleaner on furniture upholstery? It’s true! That means the sofa spills, stains and grime that come with everyday use can also get the magic Bissell treatment.  

“With the latest Bissell cleaners, you’re getting a professional-quality clean that can handle pet dander, dirt, wine stains and everything in between,” says Nick Trajkovski, The Good Guys Buyer – Floorcare. “Handy attachments like narrow brushes mean you can access couch crevices with ease.” 
And your sofa is only the beginning. With your Bissell SpotClean Carpet Cleaner, upholstered ottomans, bedheads, car seats, even the dog’s favourite cushion or bed can get a five-star, odour-busting deep clean. Bissell’s spot-cleaning superpower lies in its fibre-deep brushing, washing and suction action, which can remove even the toughest stains. 

Whatever your floor care or upholstery cleaning needs may be, Bissell has the perfect product to get the job done with minimal effort and maximum results.

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“With the latest Bissell cleaners, you’re getting a professional-quality clean that can handle pet dander, dirt, wine stains and everything in between.”

How To Use A Bissell Spot Cleaner

From quick cleans to a couch transformation, here’s how to get the Bissell SpotClean Carpet Cleaner working on your upholstery:  

  1. Fill the clean water tank with warm water and formula – the fill level is based on your cleaning needs (fill to formula and boost level for tough stains, or lower level for general cleaning). 
  2. Unwrap the hose and click the 3-inch Tough Stain brush or 6-inch cleaning tool into place.  
  3. For heavily soiled areas, pre-treat by holding the brush over the area and pressing the trigger to spray cleaning solution.  
  4. Leave for three to five minutes, then brush over with the trigger released.  
  5. To lift away a stain, apply downward pressure on the tool as you slowly pull it towards you. Repeat this until the stain is removed.  

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Where To Buy A Bissell Carpet Cleaner 

The Good Guys is here to help you find the perfect Bissell carpet cleaners and floor cleaners to freshen up your carpets and get your tiles sparkling. Visit us in-store or online for the latest tips and expert advice for all your floor care needs.

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