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Buy the best Small Washing Machines in Australia online or in store at The Good Guys. Pick up a good deal on Top Load and Front Load Washers with load capacities from 4kg to 6.5kg from top brands like Haier, Solt and Westinghouse. Perfect for fresh and clean clothes in smaller households of 1 or 2 people. Pair with a Small Dryer and you can have your laundry washed and dried without fuss, great when the weather is not ideal for drying. Whatever the brand, size or budget, we have the perfect Small Washing Machines for any Laundry at The Good Guys.

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  • Solt 5.5kg Top Load Washer Solt 5.5kg Top Load Washer
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    4 payments of $99.75
  • Solt 6kg Front Load Washer Solt 6kg Front Load Washer
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    4 payments of $124.75
  • Westinghouse 6kg Top Load Washer Westinghouse 6kg Top Load Washer
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    4 payments of $174.75

How big are Small Washing Machines?

Small Washers in Australia usually don't get smaller than 5kg of washable capacity, but the most common Small capacity is around 6kg. These Washers are usually sized 900mm high, 550mm wide and 550mm deep, but you should always check the dimensions per product you are considering before buying. Always check the space the Washer is planned to be placed into and take note of any obstructions like door frames and hallways that can restrict delivery or installation.

Is a 6kg Washing Machine small?

While considered small in terms of capacity, a 6kg Washing Machine can still hold a considerable amount of laundry. It may not be the most suitable choice for larger families, but it makes a cost effective and affordable option for couples and individuals.

Despite being small, it’s important to consider that these machines still host the latest technology and energy efficient capabilities so you’ll save money initially and in the long run. Shop Solt Small Washers or Westinghouse Small Washing Machines for a bargain.

What is the best small Washing Machine?

There’s no ‘best’ Small Washing Machine as each brand and machine has unique features and capabilities. Whatever size machine or specific features you’re after, The Good Guys has the perfect option for you.

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