Holiday Helper: 5 Steps To A Perfect Floor Show With A Shark Vacuum

30 November - 4 min read

‘Tis the season for entertaining, and there’s no better way to make lasting memories than hosting your nearest and dearest at home. If you’re looking forward to the festivities but not to getting your place vacuumed and ready for all the fun, you need to invite a Shark vacuum to the party. 

“Equipped with attachments for multi-surface sparkle, Shark stick vacuums are designed for ultimate manoeuvrability – and now pack impressive smart tech that can seek out and suck up ingrained mess for better cleans,” says Nick Trajkovski, The Good Guys Buyer – Floorcare. 

Whether you need to prep your home for summertime socials or clean up after Christmas Day chaos,  a Shark vacuum is a must-have for busy hosts. 

Ready to put on a perfect floor show with less effort these holidays? Simply follow these five golden rules … while we help you hunt down your dream match Shark vac!

The Shark Auto Detect Pro being used to vacuum dirt in a modern home

#1 Pick Your Perfect Player

Choosing the right vacuum gets you that much closer to a sparkling clean home. Shark’s impressive range includes handy handheld cleaners for blitzing the highchair and pet beds; corded, upright cleaners for big jobs and large homes; and lightweight, cordless stick vacs for speedy in-between cleans. Which Shark are you taking home?

The Do-It-All Shark Detect Pro Auto Empty System Cordless Vacuum

You won’t miss a speck with four ultra-intelligent cleaning technologies for perfect power on every surface, and a flexible wand that bends so you don’t have to. Then take to couch cushions with the upholstery tool, or lift pet fur from the shaggy rug with Shark’s pet tool. 

Product shot of the Shark Auto Detect Pro Vacuum

The Dust-Busting Shark Stratos Pet Pro Cordless Vacuum

Remove the dust, dirt and pet dander you can’t see with Clean Sense IQ – the infrared sensor that boosts suction power for a thorough clean. A clever indicator on the floorhead will show you when the job’s done.

Product shot of the Shark Stratos Vacuum

The Allergy-Easing Shark Cordless Vacuum With Self Cleaning Brushroll

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology keeps allergens trapped inside the vacuum, while a lightweight, detachable handheld vacuum covers spot cleans.

Product shot of the Shark Cordless Vacuum

The All-Powerful Shark Navigator Pet With Self-Cleaning Brushroll

With a powerful 960W motor and large, three-litre dustbin capacity, this heavy-duty vac lets you clean a huge amount of pet hair, dirt and grime in one go.

Product shot of the Shark Navigator Vacuum

The Shark ION Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum

Leave every surface mess-free with the included duster crevice tool and multi-surface pet tool, then power it up on the ION charging dock.

Front and side product shot of the ION Shark Vacuum

#2 Don’t Delay!

Vacuum sooner rather than later. If you wait until your floors and carpets look dirty,  you’re likely tracking dust, dirt and dander throughout every room and creating a bigger cleaning job for yourself. For an always guest-ready home, keep on top of unseen dust with an ultra-lightweight cleaner such as the Shark Detect Pro Auto Empty System Cordless Vacuum – and aim to vacuum around twice per week. More if you have children or pets. 

“Shark vacuums have jumped on the AI train with four smart cleaning modes that automatically switch on and off as they’re needed for deeper cleans on every surface.” Nick Trajkovski, The Good Guys Buyer – Floorcare

#3 Set The Stage

Save time and effort by clearing floors and moving furniture, such as dining chairs and kitchen stools, before you vacuum. This gives easy access to high-traffic areas, and clears the path for your Shark vacuum.

Bigger items such as couches and coffee tables can stay put. The highly manoeuvrable Shark Detect Pro Auto Empty System Cordless Vacuum has a flexible vacuum tube that bends in half, so you can easily slide it under and around furniture, clean hard-to-reach crevices and hit hidden dust. Plus, i-built LED lights automatically switch on in Light Detect mode so you can catch every last crumb from under the couch.

A shark vacuum being used to clean dog hair on a couch

#4 Clean Smarter

Whether you’re tackling the kitchen tiles or hallway carpet, make the most of Shark’s intelligent cleaning modes for a quick, quality clean. The Shark Detect Pro Auto Empty System Cordless Vacuum is the smart thinker that automatically detects and reacts to surroundings, and optimises settings for up to 50 per cent* better pick-up across a range of surfaces.

“Shark vacuums have jumped on the AI train with four smart cleaning modes that automatically switch on and off as they’re needed for deeper cleans on every surface,” says Nick Trajkovski. 

“From auto-illuminating LED lights to suction boosts around room edges and particularly dirty spots, these modes are designed with family homes and everyday cleaning in mind.”

#5 Clean The Machine

A pristine clean requires a clean machine – and Shark cordless vacuums make this dreaded step simple! The Shark Detect Pro Auto Empty System Cordless Vacuum takes convenience to the next level by automatically emptying when docked into a bagless base that holds up to 30 days’ worth of dust and debris. 

The latest Shark models also sport savvy self-cleaning brush heads and rinseable filters so they stay working like new. What’s more, Shark’s Odour Neutraliser Technology guards against unpleasant smells inside the vacuum to keep your home smelling fresh.


Got a season of entertaining planned? Let a Shark vacuum be your household hero these holidays! Visit The Good Guys in-store or online to explore the latest Shark vacuums in Australia and the full range of vacuums and cleaners.


*Based on ASTMF608, Eco vs. Boost mode.

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