Hands up if you’re in the habit of loading the trolley higher – along with your freezer – to stretch out your shop? Join the club. As more households wise up to the time- and money-saving perks of bulk buying, freezers are having a moment. So if you’re regularly cramming things into your existing model, it could be your cue to upgrade to a new fridge with a bigger freezer capacity – or a stand-alone freezer with the latest tech. Master mealtimes and get to grips with those groceries!

Why You Should Buy More Freezer Space

Freezing is essentially nature’s pause button - locking in freshness, nutrients and flavours without the need for preservatives. “Everyone is time-poor nowadays, so investing in extra freezer space to stockpile your pre-cooked favourites or shop-bought staples gives you much more flexibility at meal times – without losing out on quality,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration.

The Right Size Freezer

Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to freezers. One that’s half empty has to work harder to freeze your food because there’s more room for warm air (hello, higher energy bills!). Before you start shopping for a freezer, be realistic about your household’s needs and measure your available space. As a general guide, a family of four needs a 200–300 litre capacity freezer; a family of five, 300+ litres; couples should shoot for the 100–200 litre range; while a 50–100 litre freezer is usually spot on for singles. Live in an apartment? Perhaps a new combined fridge freezer is the smart play. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to measure your front door to make sure your new purchase will fit through it!

Types Of Freezers

No risk of brain freeze over picking the right stand-alone freezer for your home. With just two models, the choice is simple: chest freezer or upright freezer. Either way, you’ll be signing up for fresher, tastier and more nutritious food that lasts longer, with less waste. Let’s help you decide which freezer will best meet your needs.

Chest Freezer

Are you a serial bulk buyer? Do you sleep more soundly with a ready stash of frozen lasagne and chicken nuggets on hand? With their cavernous contours, chest freezers can store large amounts of frozen goods, letting you bag more bargains at the supermarket (or go deep on your favourite foods), so they’re great for hungry households and managing mealtimes. The energy-saving design of a tub with a lid on top also means less cold air escapes in a whoosh when you open them, so they’re cheaper to run. “Chest freezers are an economical buy and come in many sizes, but keep in mind that they can take up a lot of floor space so they are better suited for larger homes,” says Peter Simic.

Features To Look For In A Chest Freezer

Want to have a good poke around inside? A spring-loaded lid will stay open without you having to prop it up with one hand. You’ll give thanks for a freezer with rollers on its base when you want to move it, clean it or install it. Removable baskets will boost your storage space (a party saviour) or impose order on your frozen assets. Power-off protection will keep your perishables safe longer during blackouts. Internal lighting will help you find that tub of cookie dough ice-cream buried at the bottom faster. Chest freezers require manual defrosting, so a front drain design will make that chore less of a bore.

"Chest freezers can store large amounts of frozen goods, letting you bag more bargains at the supermarket."

Upright freezer

Tidy life, tidy mind? If that’s how you roll, you’ll welcome the extra storage options and versatility that an upright (or vertical) freezer can offer. Basically a fridge that freezes, the roomiest single-door styles can hold up to around 380 litres. Most models are frost-free and don’t need defrosting (hurrah!). They’re ideal for stockpiling meats, pasta sauces, casseroles or homemade soup stock for the convenience of food in a flash. Bigger broods can also pigeon-pair a single door upright freezer with a matching fridge in the one sleek and seamless dream appliance for the ultimate in food storage and bulk-buy power.

Features To Look For In An Upright Freezer

Partial to an icy OJ with brekkie, or a scotch on the rocks sundowner? Go for a model with a plumbed ice maker for ice cubes on demand. Transparent drawers will help you remember that leftover curry you slung into the freezer last weekend. Versatile adjustable shelving and baskets will assist in maintaining law and order. Touch controls and digital display mean you’ll always know what’s going on inside your freezer. Auto fast freeze (or quick freeze) will snap freeze your freshly cooked meals to seal in their goodness.

Fridge freezer

Not in the market for a standalone freezer? Upgrading to a fridge freezer with greater freezing capacity and the latest features can revolutionise family mealtimes (and happy hour!). Here are some top tips when it comes to choosing the right fridge freezer for your home.

Features To Look For In A Fridge Freezer

The number one feature that people look for when upgrading their fridge or freezer is an ice dispenser. Some models can make you cubed and crushed ice – even ice balls – at the flick of a button. Having a dispenser on the outside of the fridge also means you don’t have to open the door, so the cold air stays inside.

Along with auto fast freeze, the smartest fridges can now split temperature controls across various compartments so you can boost your fridge or freezer space to cater more easily for family needs or forthcoming festivities.

Freezer Colours And Finishes

Why should fridges have all the fun? Some freezer models now come with fashionable matte black finishes, too. However, most standalone freezers are either classic white (it won’t show fingerprints), or the chef’s favourite: slick stainless steel. Fridge freezers are another story. Shake up your kitchen energy with anything from matte or gloss black, to stainless steel and vintage-inspired gelato shades – even a racy red.

Energy-Efficient Freezers

Fridges and freezers are on 24/7, so it’s no surprise they’re one of the biggest energy zappers in your home. And if you have an old model, with outdated cooling technology, it could be costing you hundreds of dollars a year to run. Factor energy savings into your budget when weighing up the price of a new freezer by comparing the energy-efficiency rating of each appliance. More stars equals more ongoing savings.

Freezer Installation Tips And Advice

Don’t skimp on your pre-shop measurements. It’s essential to allow enough clearance space around your new freezer for it to regulate its temperature and function to its full potential (failure to do this could even invalidate some warranties). The amount of space needed will vary from model to model but aim generally for an extra 50mm at the top, back and sides. Factor in your freezer doors as well. They’ll need some wiggle room to swing fully open without encountering the surrounding walls.


An entry-level standalone freezer will get you a chest freezer with a capacity of about 145 litres, temperature control, adjustable wire rack, hover door (spring-lid) design, water drain for convenient defrosting and a four-star energy rating.

A top of the line model comes with a 300 litre-plus capacity, upright single door design with transparent drawers, frost-free technology (no defrosting needed), quick freeze function and a 3.5 star energy rating (5 stars when switched to fridge mode).

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