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Want An Instant Gift Card To Spend On Your Next Device?

Trade-In to trade up to something new at The Good Guys and receive an instant gift card to spend on your next purchase. It’s fast and it’s easy. In four simple steps, you’ll get an online trade-in estimate and if you accept the offer, you will receive a trade-in eGift card on the spot, allowing you to upgrade to a new device right away.

How Does Trade-In Work?

When you Trade-In at The Good Guys, our trade-in partner will swap your eligible device(s) for a trade-in eGift card to put towards the purchase of your new device or appliance. Your traded devices are wiped with industry-leading erasure systems and then given a second life; repaired, or repurposed. When that’s not possible, we’ll have your devices recycled the right way with ISO-certified recycling partners, helping to reduce the impact on our environment.


Quick Online Quote

Just answer a few questions about your current device on our online trade-in calculator to receive your obligation-free quote.


Immediate eGift Card

If you accept the quote, we’ll email your trade-in eGift card immediately, ready for you to use right away.


Upgrade Today

You can use your trade-in eGift card to upgrade to a new device faster—either in store or online.


Free 7-Day Returns

We’ll send you a pre-paid postage label and instruction on how to send your old device back to us within 7 days.

How To Get Started

You’ll need your old device handy
As we will need to know the make and model of your device and the unique 15-digit number if you’re trading in your mobile phone.

A valid credit card
This acts as security for the upfront trade-in eGift card that we send you immediately after you accept the quote. No charges will be incurred on your credit card if we receive your device within 7 days.

Either your driver's license or passport
You’ll need to take a selfie with either document, which we’ll use to verify your identity for privacy and security reasons.

Now that you've got all the above sorted - click below to start the process to receive a quote that tells you how much your device is worth.

Devices With No Power

e-Waste Recycling At The Good Guys | The Good Guys


To comply with data security regulations, all traded devices must turn on so that technicians can ensure any personal data has been erased. If your old devices won't power up, you can still make a positive impact by recycling them through our E-Waste Recycling program.

Make The Most Of Your Trade-In

Once you've completed your trade-in, check out our buying guides and tips to ensure you upgrade to the best device to suit your needs. And don't forget you can use your trade-in eGift card against any purchase at The Good Guys (some exclusions apply).

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The Good Guys Trade-In FAQs

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~Terms and Conditions apply. See Offers for Trade-In vary based on numerous things including the condition and age of your device. SquareTrade is not required to make an offer for all devices. You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible to conduct a trade in transaction. The trade in offer will be revised if the device condition upon receipt is different from what you indicate when the offer is made. You are solely responsible for removing all data from the device prior to shipping.