Find the Best Smart Fridge for Your Home

March 4, 2024 - 5 mins read


Gone are the days when a fridge was simply a safe storage unit for your food, with the best smart fridges around, a fridge is now much more than this. 

In the world of home appliances, technology is everchanging and design is becoming more focussed around easing everyday tasks. This strategy has seen the development of fridge features like Wi-Fi connectability to check the contents of your fridge when you’re out and about, or a ‘knock twice’ feature on your fridge door to reveal the contents without affecting indoor temperatures and keep food fresher for longer.

With more and more fridge features regularly being created, it can be difficult to find the best smart fridge for you. So, we have come up with the ultimate guide to remove the tough work and ensure that you find the perfect addition to your kitchen.

A young family get ready in the morning with help from their smart fridge.

If You Were A Fridge, What Would You Be?


Somewhere between collecting your kids from football practice and getting them back into the vegetable they’ve decided they don’t like this month, to running out of milk in the morning and remembering the birthday of all your extended family members, you realise you not only need a fridge, but an organiser too.

Sounds familiar? The fridge you need is the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. With features like a built-in Wi-Fi connection, you can sync yours and your family’s calendars, memos and to-do lists to your fridge, so that you never miss that important recital again. This Samsung smart fridge also includes an app with over 180,000 recipes that can suggest meals based on the contents of your fridge, so you can easily re-inspire your kids with yummy recipes full of veggies. And finally, never forget the milk again as you can access the built-in cameras in your fridge via an app on your phone, to see which groceries in your fridge are missing.

“A fridge is not just a safe storage unit for food, it is also an organiser, entertainer, TV unit, recipe book and personal shopper.”


Are you conscious of your energy consumption and ways that you can help the environment? You recycle, turn lights off when you leave the room and have recently purchased a laundry ball that you chuck in with washes to reduce the fibres you’re putting into the ocean. However, you have come to realise that your fridge has a 1-star energy rating and this bothers you.

Meet the Electrolux French Door Refrigerator. This guy has a 4-star energy rating with an Inverter Compressor that automatically adjusts the running speed in response to cooling demand creating a constant, optimal food storage temperature using significantly less energy. Reduce food wastage with TasteLock crispers which automatically control humidity levels and eliminate food odours with the MultiZone deli compartment. For an added bonus, this fridge has a mark resistant stainless steel finish and will add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.


Do you secretly get giddy with excitement when shopping for kitchen storage amenities? Or get lost in the countless YouTube videos with tips and tricks on how to organise different rooms of your house? Not to mention, Pinterest. Well then, glistening in LED lights, is a new opportunity for compulsive organising … an LG InstaView Fridge.

This LG smart fridge’s second name is space. Its features include: retractable shelves to fit taller items such as bottles without having to remove the whole shelf, a slim-fit SpacePlus ice system that enables in-door shelving space, and extra compartments that utilise the space conjoining the fridge and freezer. More space equals more opportunity to categorise tubs, and create a clean and tidy system for your fridge! Not to mention the fact that you can link your fridge to your smartphone with the LG Smart ThinQ™ app so you can organise ahead of time and adjust the temperature of your fridge before coming home with a large shop.

A smart fridge in a warm-toned wooden kitchen.


Do you find pleasure in the nicer things in life? Latest technologies, luxurious designs and sophisticated aesthetics are just your cup of tea? You may have a stunningly sleek kitchen and be right on track with the black kitchen design trend, however one thing sticks out. You have an outdated fridge.

Complete your stylish kitchen with the futuristic technology of the LG French Door fridge. Having your hands full will never be an issue again, as you place your foot onto the “Door Open” light projected onto the floor in front of you and watch the fridge door automatically open right before your eyes. Keep your food fresher for longer and reduce the amount of cold-air lost with the “Knock-On” feature – a double knock will turn your fridge door transparent, allowing you to see what’s inside without even opening the door. This technology, in combination with the premium interior and exterior appearance, makes this fridge a luxury addition to anyone’s kitchen!


Are you a logical buyer? You don’t buy things for the sake of it, decisions are calculated and you only buy into ideas that are proven and tested? Is ‘simple yet efficient’ your motto and new technology is exciting to you when its benefits are clear and they add ease to your life?

Say hello to Fisher and Paykel Active Smart fridge. ActiveSmart™ food care technology evenly distributes cool air throughout your fridge ensuring that a safe temperature is maintained around your food, no matter how many times you open the door. The French Door layout encourages the opening of only one door at a time so minimal air can escape, the self-adjust humidity control on the crisper drawers allows fruit and veggies to stay fresher for longer and the spill-safe shelf edges catch accidental spills and make for easy cleaning. With the additional ‘Bottle Chill’ function in the freezer for the quick-chilling of your favourite white wine, this smart fridge calls for smart decisions!

A stainless steel smart fridge in a white kitchen.


Do you take entertaining seriously? Good food, good drinks and good company are the ultimate combination to your ideal Saturday night? You enjoy going the extra mile to have the ingredients for spontaneous margaritas with salt flake rims and creating an array of additional ‘picky bits’ before your sit-down meal?

Why not let the Samsung French Door fridge assist you in your fabulous hosting abilities? This fridge was made for entertainers, with its feature to produce crushed ice as well as cubed, and ability to split temperature control of its four departments so you can have extra fridge or freezer space depending on your needs for the upcoming festivities. Forget playing process of elimination with your night’s supply of champagne or salmon blinis, with the tri-fold shelves that retract to let you fit any shape or size into the fridge, why choose when you can have it all?


And we’ve come full circle back to the Samsung Family Hub Fridge.

In addition to the family-orientated benefits listed above, this fridge is also a favourite for those who love a bit of tech! This Samsung smart refrigerator invites you to check the contents and change the temperature whilst you’re out and about, watch the footy live on your fridge as you cook, and use voice-commands to add things to your calendar and to-do lists whilst you’re in the kitchen.

Not only can you order groceries from Woolworths straight from your fridge but you can also connect all the Samsung Connected Home products, such as your washerdryer and BESPOKE Jet Bot AI+ Robot Vacuum, and control them wherever you are, via your smartphone. Get ahead of technology and join the smart home family.


Now that you know what smart fridge is best for you, make sure you get it for the best possible price and shop online or in-store at The Good Guys.

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