The Bosch Stick Vacuum To Rev Up Your Floorcare Routine

February 22, 2024 - 5 min read 
Lightweight and handy, cordless stick vacuums have become a household essential for quick and easy spot cleans. But did you know that with the right Bosch stick vac on your team, you can now effortlessly and thoroughly vacuum clean every surface in your home? From crumb-scattered kitchen floors and thick pile carpets, to fur-covered couches and pet beds. Even those impossible crevices in your car!

Introducing the do-it-all Bosch German made Unlimited 7 Vacuum series.

“With cool tricks and features such as a bendable tube for vacuuming beneath furniture, LED floor lights for dust-free dark corners, and German-engineered, high-performance suction on any surface, the Bosch Unlimited 7 Vacuum series has been designed for your ultimate cleaning convenience – whether you’re a pet owner, a busy family or a houseproud senior looking for an easily manageable, all-in-one floorcare solution,” says Nick Trajkovski, The Good Guys Buyer – Vacuums.

a man vacuuming his house using the Bosch Unlimited 7 Vacuum

Discover The Bosch Difference

We all want to spend our time doing what we love and that’s the Bosch quest: inventing new ways to make everyday life easier with high-quality products that go the distance. And because every Bosch appliance undergoes extensive quality checks before leaving the factory, these home appliance heavyweights are only too happy to throw in a free 10-year motor guarantee on every Unlimited 7 Series vacuum sold. So you can completely trust your Bosch vacuum cleaner to do its job. Year after year. Bosch also offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try your vacuum at home with confidence and if you’re not fully satisfied you will receive a full refund.*

“Stick vacuums have advanced greatly since they first hit the scene, so upgrading your old appliance to a new model packed with flexible features and extras can really save you time and effort around the house.”

Vacuum Like A Bosch

“Stick vacuums have advanced greatly since they first hit the scene, with more powerful motors, longer-lasting batteries and better brush rolls and attachments for deeper cleaning” says Nick.  “So upgrading your old appliance to a new best-in-class model packed with flexible features and extras like the Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum Black can really save you precious time and effort around the house.” 

Want to master all your vacuum challenges, big or small? Here’s how the Bosch Unlimited 7 can clean your entire home effortlessly and effectively – and in record time.

The Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum in black

It Bends (So You Don’t Have To)

Got creaky knees or a cranky back? All cordless vacuums in the Bosch Unlimited 7 range, including the Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum White, feature an ingenious 90° bendable Flex Tube so you can easily clean beneath coffee tables, sofas and beds without having to crouch down. What’s more, the Nozzle Foot Release also lets you switch to overhead cleaning without bending over to remove the head. Now that’s smart!

Shop The Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum White

product image of the Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum White

Dynamite Dust Busting

Less dust equals a more hygienic home (and fewer sneezes for sensitive sinuses). All Bosch Unlimited 7 vacuums come with a powerful motor and built-in LED lights so you can spot and remove dirt and 99.99% of dust even in hard-to-see places like behind furniture. Great news for health-conscious households – and anyone with less than perfect eyesight!

Shop The Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum Black

new Bosch Vacuum

Quicker Cleans

Ready for less time on your feet? Thanks to the powerful interplay between the motorised brush, strong battery and highly efficient TurboSpin motor (with up to 66,000 rpm), the Bosch Unlimited 7 range lets you enjoy fast and thorough cleaning results on every type of flooring.

For even bigger battery muscle, you can replace the battery in this Bosch cordless vacuum. The Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum Black and Bosch Unlimited 7 ProAnimal Cordless Vacuum Red both come with a second exchangeable battery pack so you can extend your runtime to up to 80 minutes (40 minutes per battery) without stopping to recharge. It also includes a Bosch Quick Charger so you can power your vacuum up faster.

Shop The Bosch Unlimited 7 ProAnimal Cordless Vacuum Red

product image of the Bosch Unlimited 7 ProAnimal Cordless Vacuum Red

Easy Handling

Weighing in at just 2.9kg, and with a swag of convenient features, the Unlimited 7 is a breeze to manage. Need a short timeout? The Easy Parking Clip securely holds your vac in place while you take that call or cuppa. Want to switch to the handheld device for close-up cleaning? The Quick Stand allows the nozzle and tube to stand by themselves until you need them again. Best of all, that nifty handheld device that works a treat on the stairs? The intuitive design means there’s no need to continuously press the power button (game changer!).

Perfectly Accessorised!

The Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum Black has an accessory for every occasion, whether you’re spring cleaning your bedroom, de-cobwebbing the ceilings, or sprucing up your living spaces. Choose from the 2-in-1 furniture brush and upholstery nozzle, the mattress nozzle, the curved nozzle or the long flexible crevice nozzle (a wiz for behind the bedhead!).

a little girl cleaning the bench with the Bosch Unlimited 7 Cordless Vacuum White

Fur-Free Surfaces

Got a furry friend who likes to leave his hairy mark… all over your rugs and sofa? The Bosch Unlimited 7 ProAnimal Cordless Vacuum Red comes with additional accessories especially designed for pet hair pick up, such electrical ProAnimal mini power nozzle with an extra brush roll for intense cleaning of pet beds and upholstery.

Breathe Easy

Barrel vacuums are a great compact all-rounder and Bosch has got you covered with the German made GL-30 ProPower Bagged Vacuum. This Choice recommended** vacuum is light and small, making it notably handy for a quick and easy clean around the house. It features a washable HEPA filter that effectively captures fine dust particles, bacteria, and pollutants, making it a great choice for those with allergies.

Shop The Bosch GL-30 ProPower Bagged Vacuum Black

Bosch GL-30 ProPower Bagged Vacuum

Ready to rev up your floorcare routine with a new vacuum? Visit us in-store or online to shop our big range of future-fit Bosch vacuums and Bosch stick vacuums at great value prices.  


*T&Cs apply.

**Recommended by CHOICE Blue, August 2022

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