How To Create An Outdoor Kitchen With Built-In BBQ

December 7, 2023 - 5 min read

If you are looking to add value to your home, while also increasing your living space, an outdoor kitchen with a built-in barbecue could be just the ticket. Outdoor kitchens are the bright and breezy extension of your indoor kitchen, giving you and your family more breathing room – a place to relax, unwind, entertain and work on your outdoor cooking repertoire, year round and in all kinds of weather.
Whether you’re firing up the BBQ for friends and family, or a simple weeknight grill session, there’s a built-in barbecue that’s right for you. Just don’t forget to complete your outdoor kitchen with a drinks fridge, sink, outdoor heating and cooling, cabinets and a stunning benchtop.
For tips on choosing the right built-in barbecue for your space, you’ve come to the right place.

A man cooks sausages on the built-in barbecue on his outdoor deck

How To Incorporate A Barbecue Into Your Outdoor Space

Today’s barbecues are as much about good looks (stainless steel or black finishes are on-trend) as they are about cooking capabilities. In an outdoor kitchen, a built-in barbecue takes centre stage, so you want to make the right style statement. “It will be built into the joinery, so don't skimp on the quality of the BBQ,” says Adam Douglas, founder of LimeTree Alfresco, a company that specialises in outdoor kitchens. “Look for a quality appliance with a good warranty.” Adam’s other top tip? Go with a design that separates the BBQ and fridge with a few built-in cabinets. “That way, guests can access the drinks fridge without bumping into the cook.”

Shop Built-In Barbecues

BeefEater 1200 Series Black Enamel 4 Burner Built-In BBQ
BeefEater 1200 Series Stainless Steel 5 Burner Built-In BBQ
BeefEater 1600 Series Stainless Steel 5 Burner Built-In BBQ

A mother serves salad to her sons at an outdoor table while the father finishes cooking lunch on his built-in barbecue

Create The Ultimate Barbecue Area

No outdoor kitchen is complete without a bar fridge for cold drinks and, of course, meat and veggies. And then there’s the sink – essential for cooking prep and clean-up. Factor in cabinets to store supplies, including barbecue tools and accessories. Any cabinetry must be designed and built to handle heat, dirt, rust and moisture.


A sturdy (and stylish!) benchtop is important for cooking prep. Engineered stone, concrete and stainless steel are all popular finishes that can withstand grease, food spills, the barbecue’s high temperatures, and potential exposure to inclement weather.


“Use easy-to-clean, non-porous materials,” advises LimeTree’s Adam Douglas. “Corian® is also a good choice for benchtops as it is UV stable and 100% non-porous. Easy-to-clean surfaces for doors and drawers include matt aluminium composite panels and painted PVC.”

What Size Barbecue Do I Need?

While the size of your household will factor in your ideal grill size, you’ll also need to consider the space available to fit your built-in BBQ. For instance, a courtyard might call for a more compact barbecue, while a big outdoor room could accommodate a full-scale outdoor kitchen with a generous five-burner grill. Built-in barbecues range from 807mm to more than 1000mm in width for larger models.


“If a larger barbecue suits both your space and design, then it’s wise to go for the bigger option. This will also cut down cooking time because you’ll be able to fit more food on the cooking surface,” says Scott Bazley, The Good Guys Buyer – Seasonal.


“Installing a rangehood is highly recommended for all covered outdoor cooking and built-in barbecue areas to remove smoke, oils and other cooking by-products.”

“If a larger barbecue suits both your space and design, then it’s wise to go for the bigger option. This will also cut down cooking time because you’ll be able to fit more food on the cooking surface,” says Scott Bazley, The Good Guys Buyer – Seasonal

Barbecue Features To Look For

When shopping for your perfect built-in barbecue, look out for these features to make cooking and clean-up a breeze:

Cast Iron Burners: These heat up quickly, maintain consistent heat and last a long time.
Cast Iron Cooktop: Durable, won’t chip, rust resistant and heats up quickly and evenly so each sausage or steak turns out the same.
Roasting Hood: For roasting or oven-style cooking.
Transparent Hood/Glass Viewing Window: Keep an eye on what’s cooking without lifting the lid.
Stainless-Steel Vaporiser: Efficiently disperses flames across the grill and plate surfaces and reduces flare-ups.
Temperature Gauge:  Lets you maintain optimal cooking temperature.
Elevated Cooking Rack: Keeps food warm or can be used as another cooking area.
One-start Cooking: For easy ignition that works the first time.
Welded Seams: Stops grease, food debris and moisture getting into the gaps, which can help prevent bacteria, build-up and rust.
Controls For Each Burner: Handy to set the heat for each plate or grill and adjust as needed.
Removable Drip Tray: Makes for easy cleaning.
Oil And Grease Collection System: To catch oil and grease in one place, making for an easy clean-up.
Slide Out Gas Bottle: Makes it easier to connect and remove the gas bottle.


With a big range of built-in barbecues and experts to provide all the outdoor cooking advice you need, The Good Guys are your go-to when it comes to finding your dream barbecue. Come and see us in-store or online.