eufy. Smart security cameras and floodlight cameras to keep your smart home comfortable and secure, and Wi-Fi enabled robot vacuums for effortless cleaning - available at The Good Guys.

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Cleaning Made Simple

Eufy's X10 Pro Omni simplifies cleaning with its vacuum, mop, and self-empty station. Powerful suction and dual mop pads ensure effective cleaning, while the self-empty station makes maintenance hassle-free.

Eufy security camera shown mounted to a building during night time. | The Good Guys

Security Camera Range

Discover every detail with the new Eufy Security Camera Range featuring incredible 4K Ultra HD resolution, the latest night vision technology and a long lasting battery life to keep your family and home safe.

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Eufy X10 Pro Omni with self empty station in a modern home

Eufy Robot Vacuums

Discover the lineup of Eufy robot vaccums, designed to tackle floors from carpets to floorboards with ease. Embrace a hands-free cleaning experience with the X10 Omni robot vacuum, equipped with dual mopping pads and powerful suction to effortlessly clean.

Eufy security camera mounted to a grey building. | The Good Guys

Eufy Security Cameras

Eufy Security Cameras offer incredibly long battery life;
live-streaming straight to your smart phone with two-way communication. Plus, the cameras feature the latest technology including incredible resolution providing a clear view both day and night.

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Eufy Doorbells

Never miss any movement with the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K. This wired security video doorbell features 2k resolution with human detection so you can see who is at the door at all times. Plus, the IP65 weatherproof rating ensures your doorbell is ready for anything.

Picture of one of Eufy’s home security packages situated on a ledge with 2 cameras and a base. | The Good Guys

Eufy Home Security Packages

Secure your entire home with a Eufy Home Security Package. Featuring incredible detail, night vision, facial recognition, a long battery life and so much more. Choose from a range of packages to find the right one to suit your needs.

About Eufy

About Eufy

Eufy smart home solutions have been designed to make home living more convenient and comfortable. Eufy products cover multiple categories including, smart home, security, cleaning and wellness.

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