Fridge Buying Guide

Fridges play a starring role in kitchens, which makes buying a new one a bit of a big deal. Discover the best in Bar Fridges, Wine Fridges, French Door Fridges and more. The Good Guys have all the best fridge brands from LG and Samsung to Hisense and Fisher & Paykel. Need help narrowing the search? Follow our guide to buying the right fridge for your lifestyle and budget.

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Top 3 Things To
Consider When
Buying A Fridge

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Find The Right Fridge For You

Which Fridge Is Right For You?

When selecting a refrigerator, it's essential to consider your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget to find a model that best suits you. Different types of refrigerators serve different household and functions, from the reliable Top Mount Fridge to Bar or Wine Fridges for those looking to up their hosting game. These days fridges come packed with features and in a range of finishes to make your kitchen experience the best it can be.

Watch Our Helpful Fridge Buying Guides

Find a fridge to suit your needs with our helpful buying guides. Learn how to pick the perfect fridge, as well as freezers and other kitchen accessories to make the space of your dreams.

"Black is big for fridges – matte black, black glass and black stainless steel textures. Dark shades bring a real sophistication to a space, and it’s a look you can carry through all your kitchen appliances.” - Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer - Refrigeration & Laundry

Fridge Tips And Tricks

Are you in search of a new refrigerator but feeling a bit overwhelmed? Take a look at our helpful tips and suggestions to steer you in the right direction. To simplify things for you we offer delivery, installation, and removal services for your old fridge.

Discover Popular Fridge Brands

Discover Samsung's Fridges

Find out the variety of benefits associated with the new Samsung Line of French Door Refrigerators.

Breathe Easier

Built around energy efficient tech, designed to keep food at it's very best, for longer, Fresher Techs® cleverly adjusts and optimises conditions ensuring food's healthier for you.

Fisher & Paykel Quad Door Review

See what Gabriela has to say about the Fisher & Paykel 538L Quad Door Refrigerator.

Real Reviews

LG 420L Bottom Mount Fridge

Juls' Customer Review

"I absolutely adore my new black Bottom Mount Fridge. It is the perfect size for our family and just looks so sleek. I LOVE IT!"

Westinghouse 431L Fridge

Maree's Customer Review

"This fridge is perfect for me spacious, brightly lit and well thought out design. Very happy with this purchase."

Haier 489L French Door Fridge

James' Customer Review

"What I like about this fridge is it's got very good storage in both the fridge and freezer compartments, I have a full side of lamb in the freezer with room still for more, love the modern look and the chilled water on tap."

Samsung 655L Refrigerator

Ofelia's Customer Review

"Just great! So roomy! Perfect for my many condiments, drinks and frozen items. Just love my Samsung Refrigerator 655L Side by Side!"

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Fridge Technolgy Glossary

We’ll break down all the tech talk and acronyms that you need to know.

Energy Efficiency

Using less energy to perform the same task. This essentially leads to eliminating energy waste. In the process, you can cut down your energy bills and help reduce pollution.


A compartment in the refrigerator designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh by maintaining optimal humidity levels.

Shelf Liner

A protective material placed on refrigerator shelves to prevent spills, leaks, and make cleaning easier.

Door Gasket

The rubber seal around the refrigerator door that helps maintain the internal temperature by preventing cold air from escaping.

Ice Maker

A built-in device that produces ice cubes or crushed ice, typically located in the freezer compartment.

Water Dispenser

A feature often found on the refrigerator door, providing chilled water without the need to open the fridge.

Defrost Timer

A component that controls the automatic defrosting cycle in the freezer to prevent ice build up and maintain efficient operation.


Motorized pump responsible for circulating the refrigerant and maintaining cooling.

Condenser Coil

Coils that release heat from the refrigerant, aiding in cooling.