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Find the best fridge or freezer from a huge range of brands online or in store at The Good Guys. You'll get a good deal on the latest and greatest fridges available in Australia today from the likes of LG, Samsung, Westinghouse, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Haier, Smeg, CHiQ, Hisense, Vintec and more. Discover the latest fridge sales at The Good Guys with options suitable for a variety of households and storage requirements, from low capacity volumes through to the largest usable litre capacities in refrigeration today. Whether it's a bottom mount fridge, double door side-by-side fridge, french door fridge, retro fridge, top mount fridge, wine fridge, bar fridge, drawer fridge, single door fridge, beverage centre, or an upright or chest freezer, at The Good Guys you'll find the right fridge or fridge freezer for your kitchen, garage or alfresco area. Check out our fridge buying guide to help narrow down your options.


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Haier 508L Slimline Quad Door Refrigerator

Haier 508L Slimline Quad Door Refrigerator

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Hisense PureFlat Collection

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Need help deciding which fridge is best for you?

The fridge you choose can make all the difference in the running of your kitchen and everyday living. Kick-start your research journey and make the right choice for your household with these handy tips.

Top Mount, Bottom Mount and French Door fridges – What’s the difference?

Top mount fridges have the freezer above the fridge - useful if you regularly reach for frozen favourites. Ideally suited to smaller households, they can offer just the right amount of space. Larger capacity models have wide shelving and helpful storage like the Pull-out Shelf in some LG fridges, and wide crispers like the Crisper Box in some of the latest ChiQ fridges for storing bulky veggies.


Bottom Mount fridges and French Door fridges have the freezer below the fridge for quick access to essentials without having to bend down. French Door fridges are great for families and entertainers, with the largest capacities in refrigeration today. Bottom Mount fridges are useful for smaller households that demand storage flexibility. Both have robust storage solutions for an organised space, like Triple Foldable shelving in some Samsung Bottom Mount fridges, Slide-back or Flip-up shelving in Westinghouse French Door fridges, and pull-out baskets to eliminate freezer chaos.

What should I look for in a fridge?

It’s easy to get whisked away in the latest refrigeration tech, but first thing’s first – how much space do you have? Top and bottom mount fridges are narrower so they can work well for existing cavities, while Side-by-Side or French Door fridges are wider and ideal when you have more room to play with.


To ensure the refrigerator you’re eyeing off can store all you need, look for the quoted usable capacity. Think: how many people occupy your home and what type of fresh or frozen goods are you storing?


The fridge is the heart of the kitchen, so how it looks is important too. Will it be an on-trend black fridge, a quirky retro fridge, or even a fridge with see-through door? Choose the style that fits your theme best.


Finally, make sure to look out for the energy rating for an indication on how much you will save at bill time.

Are fridges energy efficient?

Fridges can be energy efficient, some more than others. Keeping an eye out for the Energy Rating when comparing models of a similar type and usable capacity will help you understand how it’ll fare on the energy consumption front. To help narrow down your selection, remember that the higher the Energy Rating, the less electricity your fridge will consume to run 24/7.


To avoid any surprises, it’s a good idea to estimate the average annual running cost. For an estimate, the Australian Government’s Energy Rating site says to multiply the kilowatt hours (kWh) noted on the energy label by the cost of electricity in your area.


It’s worth keeping in mind that larger capacity fridges like French Door or Side-by-Side fridges have a higher annual running cost due to their spacious volume, so to make good use of these fridges, ensure the usable capacity meets your living requirements.

What is a smart fridge? Is all that fancy fridge tech worth it?

A smart fridge goes beyond ordinary refrigeration. It depends who you ask but for some, the idea of a fridge with Wi-Fi connectivity is a very real and exciting reality; helping you plan and streamline your day-to-day life.


Some brands like LG have ThinQ AI built into their fridges so you can do nifty things like adjust the temperature via a smartphone app if you happen to be out on a hot day and have snapped up some bargains.


Or you may want to see what’s inside your Samsung Family Hub fridge because you forgot to do a stock check before heading out. That’s easy with its built-in cameras displaying what’s inside.


On top of that, some of our smart fridges have Bluetooth connectivity for making or receiving calls while cooking, asking Bixby to add to your shopping list, playing music, or reading out recipe instructions. How smart is that?