Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

With so many different designs and brands to choose from, it can be difficult to know which vacuum cleaner is right for you. The good news is that the various types give you different options when it comes to cleaning your floors, furniture and more.

Stick Vacuums

The meteoric rise of stick vacs in recent years has seen many households switch to a stick vac as their only vacuum cleaner. And some people can’t stop at one! “We often get customers buying one for each floor in the home for quick clean-ups and to save fetching and carrying them around,” says Nick Trajkovski, Microwaves and Floorcare Buyer for The Good Guys.

A sleek and lightweight version of an upright vac, stick vacs are powered by a battery, which can be recharged at a charging station that stays plugged into a power socket. Stick vacs collect dust and dirt in a small bin attached to the top or bottom of the unit.

Stick Vac Pros

One of the best things about stick vacs is that they require absolutely no set-up. You simply remove it from its charging station, turn it on and start vacuuming. Great to have on hand for surprise visits from friends or family, stick vacs can be whipped out for a quick clean before company arrives.

Consider storing your stick vac in a tall cupboard near the kitchen so you can instantly deal with breakfast crumbs, or do a quick daily vacuum of the main living areas.

Best For What Type Of Floors

Stick vacs are best suited to hard floors, but they can also give carpets a solid freshen up. For a thorough carpet clean, you may want to team your stick vac with a barrel or upright vac.

Features To Look For

Before you buy, ask about the battery runtime to ensure your stick vac will stay powered up for as long as you need it to. This will depend on the size of your house and whether or not it’s your only vacuum cleaner.

Other features to consider include two-in-one stick vacs with a detachable handheld vac for small jobs; a “turbo” mode for stronger suction; a wall dock for convenience; and handy attachments for the car, furniture, upholstery and hard to reach places.

Other Considerations

Also look out for stick vacs with removable batteries that can be charged in a separate location to your vacuum. This is a really handy feature if you don’t have a power point in the cupboard and would prefer to store your stick vac out of sight.

Maintenance Tips And Tricks

Due to their smaller bin size, stick vacs are quick and easy to clean. Simply remove the bin from the unit and empty it into your main rubbish bin or compost. You’ll also need to remove dirt and hair from the brush roller and head, and occasionally clean the filters.

Robot Vacuums

The ultimate home helper for the time poor or those who would rather do anything but clean floors, robot vacuums are a dream come true. Low to the ground, robot vacs are disc-shaped and move independently across the floor’s surface. Like stick vacs, they are powered by a rechargeable battery in a charging dock.

“Their sensor technology means that some Robot Vacuums won’t bump into furniture or fall down the stairs,” says Nick Trajkovski. “We often find customers love their robot vacs so much, they give them a name.”

"The ultimate home helper for the time poor or those who would rather do anything but clean floors, robot vacuums are a dream come true."

Robot Vac Pros

It goes without saying that the biggest advantage of a robot vac is quite simply that you don’t have to do any work! Simply turn it on or program when you’d like it to run (while you are at work, perhaps?) and let your robot vac do the rest.

Best For What Type Of Floors

Robot vacs work best on hard floors. They can also be used on carpets to give them a light clean.

Features To Look For

Models with infrared lasers determine the layout of the room and map your preferred route. Some can also be activated with voice command via your smart speaker.

Other considerations

Want your robot vac to mop your floors, too? Who wouldn’t? Look out for a unit with a water tank that mops your floors after they’ve been vacuumed.

Maintenance Tips And Tricks

Some robot vacs need to be emptied manually, while others can automatically deposit the dust and debris they’ve collected into a larger bin in the docking station. Once again, this reduces your workload and the number of times you’ll need to empty the vacuum’s bin.

Other Considerations

Some barrel vacs feature quiet technology. This makes them easy to run if the baby is asleep or someone in the house is studying or watching TV.

Upright Vacuums

An upright vacuum is an all-in-one unit. Much like a barrel vac and stick vac combined, it has an upright design but a larger bin and motor than a stick vac. For many people, upright vacuums offer the best of both worlds.

Upright Vac Pros

More powerful than a stick vac, upright vacs are a good option for those who prefer a bigger capacity for larger-scale cleaning sessions, and all-in-one design.

Best For What Type Of Floors

Upright vacs are suitable for hard floors and carpet. They can also be used to clean upholstery.

Features To Look For

A wide head and a powerful motor will take your upright vacuum far. Also, a carpet height selector will help you get deep into thick pile carpets for a more thorough clean.

Barrel Vacs Vs Upright Vacs

When deciding between a barrel vac and an upright vac, it all comes down to personal preference. Upright vacs only require a pushing motion but are heavier and slower to manoeuvre given their all-in-one design. Barrel vacs have a lighter wand but require you to pull the wheeled canister around doorways and furniture, where it can sometimes get stuck.

Handheld Vacuums

For smaller clean-up jobs, a handheld vacuum is quick and easy to use. Like an extension of your own arm, these handy appliances let you vacuum couches, small messes, dusty windowsills and the car interior with minimum fuss. Look out for models that clean up wet spills too, wall mounts for organised storage, and attachments suited to different surfaces.

Cordless Vs Corded Vacuums

At first, the freedom of movement offered by a cordless vacuum might make it seem superior to models with cords. However, as cordless models run on battery power, this does make them slightly heavier to use, as the battery is part of the appliance. You’ll also need to make sure the battery is powered up when you need to use it. Finally, a corded model can give you peace of mind that you’ll finish a bigger job without running out of juice.

Pet Vacuums

Do you share your home with a furry friend? Good news. A select group of vacuums is dedicated to ridding your house of pet hair and dander, which can be a big help if you have family members who suffer from allergies. Pet vacuums usually include a sizeable bag or bin to provide space for the extra waste, HEPA filter, and brush heads designed to release fur from carpet and upholstery.

Vacuum Cleaners And Allergies

Vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter are a great option for people who suffer from allergies, asthma or dust sensitivity. Short for High Efficiency Particulate Air, HEPA filters trap tiny particles and irritants that aren’t visible to the eye. Some can be washed in cold water, but most will need to be replaced about once a year.

Price Guide

Keen to upgrade? There is a vacuum cleaner to suit all budgets, from entry-level stick vacs and barrel vacs, to models with more bells and whistles, and upright vacuums to robot vacs at the higher end of the scale. As a general rule, the more high-tech features, the more you’ll pay.

Are you looking to lighten your cleaning load with the latest vacuum cleaner technology? We can help with all your dust-busting needs. Visit us in-store or online for expert advice, the biggest brands and the best prices.

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