7 Ways To Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

December 7, 2023 – 3 min read

It’s your laundry superstar, the wonder of white goods and the queen of clean – what on earth would we do without our washing machines? Whether you have a front load washing machine or top load model, ensuring this household workhorse is in tip-top condition is essential for keeping your family and home looking (and smelling!) their best.

Keen to learn how to care for your sud bud so it keeps up with demand? We’ve compiled a handy checklist of simple maintenance steps, as well as expert advice on when it’s probably time to upgrade to that brand spanking new auto dosing model you’ve had your eye on. Here’s what to look out for.

Waist-down view of a man in blue jeans loading white bed linen into a front loader washing machine

Signs Your Washing Machine Needs Replacing

A wobbly machine might just need its levelling feet adjusted but if your washer is noisier than a garage band, leaking puddles on the floor or leaving your clothes less than clean, it’s time to consider a new one.

“Like all large appliances, your washing machine simply won’t last forever,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration and Laundry. “It pays to keep your machine in good working order with consistent maintenance, but eventually washing machine repairs will become more costly than an upgrade. Plus, upgrading to one of the latest water and energy efficient models can help you save at bill time, which makes it a smart investment in the long run.”

“It pays to keep your machine in good working order with consistent maintenance, but eventually washing machine repairs will become more costly than an upgrade.”
Side on front angle image of a Bosch 9kg Front Load Washer

The Washing Machine Features You Need

The best thing about upgrading to a new washing machine? Taking advantage of the next-gen, must-have features to supercharge laundry day. Perhaps you’ve simply outgrown your old model and a new large-capacity washer will reduce three loads to one. And while we’re on time-saving features, have you seen how speedy the cycles are on the latest models? Plus, Wi-Fi connectivity will let you start a load from your smartphone.

“To really future-proof your washing machine purchase, look for models with smart sensors that weigh a load and assess fabric types before setting the optimum cycle and water level for perfectly clean and cared for clothes,” recommends Peter Simic.

“For further bill savings, consider a washing machine that uses steam to deodorise and eliminate bacteria and allergens on lightly worn clothing for a water-free wash option.”

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Top Tips To Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

Now it’s time to earn your master’s in maintaining your washing machine because a little TLC goes a long way.

Close-up of a woman wiping the seal of a washing machine with a pink cloth

#1 Clean Your Machine

“Aim to clean your machine after every 30 washes to remove soap scum and build-up,” suggests Peter Simic. “Be thorough – soak and scrub the detergent drawers, unclog the filter, spruce up the drum with some washing machine cleaner, and give the seals a good wipe too.”

#2 Go Easy On Laundry Products

Overdoing the detergent doesn’t give you cleaner clothes. In fact, it will often leave them scratchy and shorten their lifespan while leaving a residue build-up in your machine. An auto-dosing washing machine solves the issue by automatically dispensing just the right amount of product for your wash. Simple!

#3 Empty Out Pockets

Got a little rock collector in the family? It’s best to empty all pockets of pebbles, rogue coins, pens and favourite lip glosses to keep your clothes protected from ink stains and your drum dent-free.

#4 Don't Overload It

Cramming in three weeks worth of dirty laundry is a sure way to send your washing machine into meltdown. Aim to fill rather than overstuff it, and you’ll get a more energy efficient wash – plus cleaner clothes that don’t come out with more wrinkles than a Vienetta.  

#5 Balance Your Load

Both top loader washing machines and front loaders perform better with an even distribution of heavy laundry – think towels, doonas and heavy fabrics like denim – and smaller items. This helps them spin more efficiently, putting less strain on bearings.

#6 Remove Wet Clothes Pronto

Because who wants stinky laundry?! Getting your clothes into the dryer as soon as possible also prevents nasties from growing inside your washing machine. A smart model will ping your phone when it’s done!

#7 Keep It Open When Not In Use

Allow your washing machine to breathe between washes and let air flow through to avoid wet odours, mould and mildew.

Decided it’s time for a washing machine upgrade? Visit us in-store or online to find the best range at Pay Less Every day prices. Need help deciding which one is best for you? Check out our handy Buying Guide to Washing Machines.

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