Why A Smartwatch Is The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

February 8, 2024 - 4 min read 

Whether she’s a fitness fanatic, social butterfly or fashion-forward mum – or any mum in between! – there’s a perfect smartwatch to suit. And what better gift for Mother’s Day 2024 than the latest wrist-based tech that offers convenience and connectivity for mums on the go? For a fitness tracker or smartwatch that offers the features, functionality and flair that Mum needs to be all she can be, you’ll want to do your research.
And here’s where this handy guide can help! Read on to find the right wearable for your mum this Mother’s Day.

Mother and daughter jogging outside in a park

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Smartwatch Or Fitness Tracker: Which Is Best?

“It depends,” says John Wong, The Good Guys Buyer – Mobiles and Plans. “A fitness tracker will complement Mum’s wellness goals with various sport modes and high-tech heart rate tracking, GPS tracking for pin-accurate 5km runs, and plenty of health-based tools like sleep and menstrual cycle tracking.
Smartwatches suit an active lifestyle too, and are big on smartphone connectivity, which means Mum can check and reply to notifications without having to unlock her phone. They also offer the traditional watch face, whereas fitness trackers offer slick, sporty styling.”

Smartwatches have adopted a lot of fitness-based features such as heart rate, sleep and activity tracking; and some fitness trackers will show notifications from your phone, like only the smartwatch once could.

If Mum wants to beat her parkrun time or track her triathlon training, or is into a particular sport, she’ll appreciate the advanced metrics of a fitness tracker. But if she’s looking to keep tabs on her health while keeping on top of her busy schedule, opt for a smartwatch instead.

“Smartwatches suit an active lifestyle too, and they’re big on smartphone connectivity, which means Mum can check and reply to notifications without having to unlock her phone.”

Smartwatches For Every Kind Of Mum

Whichever model you choose, the latest smartwatches are fashion statements that will work with any wardrobe:

Close-up view of a woman checking the health stats on her fitness tracker while exercising outside.

Smartwatches For Sporty Mums

If she lives in activewear, swears by Pilates or insists on walking everywhere (or all of the above!) then it’s official – you’ve got a sporty mum. All that movement simply must be tracked, and a fitness tracker is up for the job.

“On top of the basics – tracking steps, heart rate and energy expenditure – the latest fitness trackers can measure heart rate zones to help Mum keep her heart rate high in HIIT class or steady during a long run,” says John Wong. “There’s also GPS tracking for pin-accurate mapping on her weekend hike.”

Don’t forget recovery! Fitbit’s Body Battery considers recent sleep and physical activity to show when she’s recovered or in need of a rest day.

Top Picks For Sporty Mums

Garmin Vivomove Sport – Black-Silicone

Fitbit Versa 4 Black/Graphite

product image of the Fitbit Versa 4 in black/graphite

Smartwatches For Health-Conscious Mums

A smartwatch is a workout buddy, health tracker and sleep coach in one. For all-day wellness, Apple, Fitbit and Garmin watches can remind Mum to stand, get some steps in, or drink water.

Smartwatches link back to a smartphone app, so she can flick through key health measures such as steps, blood oxygen levels, body temperature and sleep, all at the touch of a button.

“Sleep tracking doesn’t just note the hours you spend asleep – this smart tech recognises light, deep and REM sleep stages to show whether a sleep was restorative,” says John Wong.

There’s period tracking, too. Mum can log symptoms through the app, then check her cycle stage from her wrist.

Top Picks For Health-Conscious Mums

Fitbit Sense 2 (Lunar White/Platinum Aluminium)

Apple Watch SE

product image of the Apple Watch SE GPS 40mm Midnight Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band - S/M

Smartwatches For Super-Organised Mums

From texts and emails to reminders and map directions, a smartwatch keeps Mum connected. She’ll be pinged with the latest updates and can reply by writing a message or using voice control.

“There are Apple Watch screen sizes to suit every need – a 41mm screen is perfect for a compact and slender look, while a 44mm or 49mm display makes texts easy to read and replies easy to type,” says John Wong.

Mum will love going out phone-free with a cellular Apple Watch – these models let you see and reply to messages, take calls and stay connected without a smart phone nearby.

Top Picks For Super-Organised Mums

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 BT 44mm Silver

Apple Watch Ultra 2 GPS + Cellular, 49mm Titanium Case

Fitbit Sense 2 Lunar White/Platinum Aluminium

product image of the Fitbit Sense 2 Lunar White/Platinum Aluminium

Smartwatches For Mums On The Go

Look for a smartwatch with apps and features that will help your mum keep calm and carry on.

A watch with music storage houses all her favourite playlists and podcasts for her morning walk, while breathwork reminders and bite-sized meditations help to maintain her Zen. Fitbit watches use respiratory and heart rate data to deliver a Stress Management Score, plus guided breathing sessions for instant relaxation. 

Mum can make the face of her Garmin, Fitbit, Apple or Samsung watch her own with widgets – sunrise and sunset times, step count, tides, weather and UV levels can all be visible with the flick of her wrist.

Top Picks For Mums On The Go

Apple Watch SE 40 STAR AL ST SP GP

Fitbit Inspire 3 Morning Glow/Black

Garmin Vivoactive 5 - Ivory/Cream Gold

product image of the Garmin Vivoactive 5 - Ivory/Cream Gold

Look no further for Mother’s Day gift ideas – a smartwatch is it! Visit The Good Guys in-store and online to choose from a range of Garmin, Fitbit, Apple and other stylish wearables that Mum will love.

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