Nespresso captures the worlds finest coffees in an exclusive capsule design for exceptional aromas and flavours and the perfect Espresso every time.

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The Nespresso Machines - Hidden inside each Nespresso capsule are the finest coffees in the world, which have been blended, roasted and ground with the utmost skill by our coffee Experts. Shop Now

Nespresso U: Directions for Use - A guide on how to extract the perfect Espresso or Lungo, cup after cup for the Nespresso U coffee machine

About Nespresso

Nespresso uses recyclable sealed aluminum capsules to package coffee so the freshness and flavour of roasted coffee is captured and maintained from bean to cup. Nespresso coffee machines are modern and compact, with an innovative design that enhances subtle aromas and flavours so you can make the perfect espresso coffee so simply and fast, for the ultimate coffee experience at home, cup after cup. Nespresso has created the perfect process to give you the perfect Espresso, every time. It starts with the characteristics of the soil, water, sun, and growing with patience and care. This creates the red "cherry" fruit that has two beans inside - these eventually reveal the coffee’s unique aroma and flavour. Nespresso uses 95% Arabicas and 5% Robustas in its Grands Crus coffees, both selected against a strict quality criteria. The coffee tree is carefully harvested to ensure only ripe, ready cherries are picked by hand, and the wet method is then used to process the cherries and reveal the bean for a more complex aromatic profile. Coffee experts check the green coffee throughout the transport process for quality control, and only the finest coffee beans are then blended with artful precision in Switzerland. The roasting stage then reveals the full aroma and flavour of the beans before they are ground into a fine powder. The coffee powder is then packaged into capsules to prevent oxygen, moisture, humidity, and any other outside contaminants from spoiling the coffee, and to preserve the 900 aromas and exceptional flavours of the freshly ground coffee for twelve months. Decaffeinated coffees are created with a natural water-based process that removes the caffeine whilst maintaining the coffee taste. Read Less Read More