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If you’re interested in a whole-body workout that is gentle on your joints, then a rowing machine could be just what you need.

From cardio workouts to muscle building, rowing machines make for a great addition to any home gym. We answered the most asked questions about rowing machines to help with your next home gym purchase.

How do I use a rowing machine?

A rowing machine is a piece of gym equipment designed to simulate rowing exercises. Rowing machines are made up of a foot plate, handle, rail with a seat, the damper and a display monitor. The damper controls how intense the workout is, by making the handle resist your pull.

Before the workout you sit down on the seat - which should glide smoothly along the rail - and place both feet comfortably against the foot plate, strapping them in securely. The first step is to grip the handle and bring the seat forward towards the foot plate. Your knees should be bent, arms straight and body should be leaning forward slightly.

The next step you should drive the seat backwards by first straightening the legs, then leaning your body back before pulling the handle towards you with your arms. For the third step you will pull the handle towards your chest. In the final step you return to the starting position by straightening your arms in front of you, leaning forward slightly then bending your knees.

Is a rowing machine good for weight loss?

Rowing machines are great for improving your cardiovascular fitness, building muscle and losing weight. Unlike other cardio gym machines such as exercise bikes and treadmills, rowing machines exercise your upper body at the same time as your lower body, for a complete, whole-body workout. Working out on a rowing machine is also low impact exercise, which means it does not strain your joints.

If you want to lose weight it is a good idea to consult with health professionals and a personal trainer, to ensure that you have a healthy and sustainable fitness plan in place. A personal trainer will help you set achievable fitness goals and make sure that you are using your home gym equipment safely and effectively.

In general, weight loss occurs when your body experiences a calorie deficit, meaning that the energy your body is using to function is greater than the energy you are getting from food. It is recommended that you adopt a nutritionally balanced diet alongside your fitness routines.

Are there different types of rowing machines?

There are four main types of rowing machine; hydraulic, flywheel, magnetic resistance and water rowing machines.

Magnetic rowing machines are much quieter to use than other machines. This is because there is no friction to the resistance, which is controlled by a magnetic field.

Hydraulic rowing machines use pistons or cylinders to compress air or fluid to create tension. These models cost less and tend to take up less space, although they can’t be pulled in a way that mimics a natural rowing motion.

Flywheel rowing machines get their resistance from the wind resistance of spinning fan blades. The fan blades spin is powered by your pulling motion, which means they will offer more resistance the faster you go. This provides a smooth and more natural rowing experience.

Water rowing machines most closely replicate the feeling of outdoor rowing. Resistance in these models is controlled by the drag of actual water. Although not as quiet as magnetic models, water rowers make very little noise.

What should I look for in a rowing machine?

Before buying any new equipment for your home gym it is a good idea to get accurate measurements of your available workout space. Rowing machines come in a range of sizes and shapes, so be sure to check which models will make effective use of the space. Many models can be folded for easy storage, although a machine that is always ready to be used will help keep you motivated.

Consider resistance when comparing different models. A range of adjustable resistances will be the most versatile. Remember that as you keep using the machine you will get fitter and stronger, so you should try to find a machine with a decent range of higher resistances so that you don’t end up outgrowing your machine too quickly.

Different resistance levels are better suited to different sorts of exercise, so it’s worth thinking about what sort or workouts you want to be able to do before deciding. Lower resistance levels are best for cardio workouts whereas higher resistance levels are better for muscle building.