How To Nail A Salon-Quality Blow-Dry At Home

March 16, 2023 - 3 min read 

Is there anything better than a big, bouncy blow-dry from your favourite hairdresser? Oh, the supersmooth shine, the glamorous curls, the beachy waves! The rising cost of living might have you stretching the time between professional beauty and grooming appointments, and upping your at-home styling game. With a few brilliant styling tools, the ideal hair dryer and some top tips from the experts, you can nail your best hair at home.

A woman dries her long hair using a hair dryer

How To Blow-Dry Hair At Home

For every style, from a relaxed wave to a sleek, sharp bob, there is a hair dryer,  straightener, curling wand or styling brush to help you master the look with ease. Start by upgrading to the latest styling tech to give you the edge when doing it yourself at home. Even old-school hot rollers are having a retro revival for a fresh spin on ‘60s glamour.

“If you’re looking for cutting-edge design that gets you out the door quicker each morning, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer has been a game changer in the market,” says Tracey Ellis, The Good Guys Buyer – Portable Appliances. “It’s fast-drying without extreme heat, and the magnetic attachments make switching between your styling needs supereasy.”

“A cool blast at the end of a blow dry closes the hair cuticle and sets the style. This is what gives your hair the shine we get in the salon.” Mel Jayne, hairstylist

How To Nail A Salon-Quality Blow-Dry

The absolute number one tip to get the salon blow-dry of your dreams at home is clean hair. “At the salon, we start by using quality shampoo that’s right for your hair type and we shampoo at least twice,” reveals hairstylist Mel Jayne of Bombshell Hair Skin Body.

“The other mistake people make is piling on the conditioner, thinking more is better. You really only need it on the ends, and you must wash it out thoroughly,” says Mel.

Claire Townsend from Nut Salon recommends a rough dry of your hair first, blasting off excess moisture. “Your hair should be about 80 per cent dry before you start styling,” says Claire.

A quality blow-dry brush is another must-have. “If you want big curls, go for a big, round blow-dry brush. A paddle-style blow-dry brush is perfect for longer hair and those straighter styles,” advises Mel.

A young woman uses a hair dryer to dry her curly hair while in her bathroom.

What Is The Best Hair Dryer For Blow-Drying?

A professional hairdresser will tell you that the lighter the hair dryer the better – mostly to save your arms from exhaustion; the next most important thing is a cool setting or a cold blast button.

“A cool blast at the end of a blow-dry closes the hair cuticle and sets the style. This is what gives your hair the shine we get in the salon,” says Mel.

Your choice of hair dryer might also come down to your favourite hairstyle. High-velocity dryers are designed for speed, great if you are in a hurry;  and ionic equals less frizz.

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product image of the VS Sassoon Hydro Smooth Fast Dry Hairdryer

What Is The Best Straightener And Curling Iron?

Gone are the bad old days of sizzling hot straighteners and curling irons that burned your hands as well as your hair. Modern hair tongs and flat irons come with safety plates and automatic shut-off features, plus a range of gentle heat settings to get a salon finish without the frying.

“Pearl-infused heat plates and built-in keratin protection are the new trends we’re seeing in heated tools and straighteners,” says The Good Guys’ Tracey Ellis.

Smaller, thinner heat plates suit shorter hair, while wide plates make for faster straightening if you have thicker, longer hair.

There are also cordless curlers that you charge like your phone for ultimate flexibility, meaning fabulous salon hair is easy to achieve even after the gym!

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Should I Blow-Dry Hair Before Straightening?

If you have time then yes, a blow-dry using a brush and your hair dryer before you use straightening irons is the way to go. “Blow-drying first smooths the hair cuticle and gives you a more professional result,” says Mel.

But if getting out the door fast is the priority, then choosing a wet-to-dry straightener or an air styler can save you tons of time.

How Do I Blow-Dry Hair Without Frizz?

Taming the frizz is an age-old challenge. Nut Salon’s Claire Townsend suggests adding a smoothing product to wet hair, then blow-drying in small sections for a sleeker look. There are lots of anti-frizz serums, or try adding a wax styling product at the end of your blow dry. Using a diffuser fitting on your hair dryer is another great tip.


Are you ready for good hair days, every day? Head in-store or online for the best range of hair dryers, straighteners and curlers to help you achieve salon-quality looks at home.

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