Doing Good
Through our programs of support and giving, The Good Guys help thousands of Australians across the country every day.
Our Doing Good activities and partnerships address pressing social issues while supporting the development of the local communities we operate in. And, because we are Good Guys, we’re also always trying to find ways of assisting those Aussies who just need a hand.
Doing Good
Along with special one-off programs such as the Superhero Academy, The Good Guys also have a giving program which sees a percentage of every transaction made donated back to Australian charities.
Since 2006, The Good Guys have given $10 Million to their Cause Partner Network via this program alone.
To celebrate this initiative, The Good Guys introduced two annual Doing Good events, Doing Good Day and Christmas Giving, which sees The Good Guys working with consumers and their Cause Partner Network to identify individuals and families who, for differing circumstances, need a helping hand.
Doing Good Grant Progam
The Good Guys Doing Good Grants program aims to support local sporting clubs and local schools deliver grass roots activities, programs and infrastructure that contribute to happy and healthy lives.
Local clubs and schools are encouraged to apply for a Doing Good Grant, with recipients announced in September, January, April and June every year.
There are two types of grants available; cash grants and product grants. Grants are not available for fundraising, repayment of debt or recurring operational expenses.
All successful applicants will be notified by email.
Doing Good
Currently there are more than 105,000 homeless people in Australia, who often lack access to basic human rights that we often take for granted – such as clean clothes and conversation. Orange Sky Laundry operates an international first mobile service that allows those sleeping rough to wash and dry their belongings, and while doing so have a chat to one of Orange Sky Laundry’s dedicated volunteers.
As the National Partner of Orange Sky Laundry we’ve been working hand in hand to help increase their fleet of mobile laundries, with the aim of having vans operating all over Australia.
Doing Good
Jamie’s Ministry of Food is a community based, hands on cooking program that aims to improve the health of participants by educating, empowering and inspiring them to love and enjoy good food.
As the Founding Partner we’re delighted to be involved in a program that teaches the basics on preparing simple, healthy, fresh and affordable home cooked meals and increases the awareness about the importance of healthy eating.
Doing Good
As part of the Doing Good program, The Good Guys Super Hero Academy ran from 2015 – 2017, and was aimed at improving the mental and physical wellbeing of primary school aged children by empowering them to discover their inner Super Hero strengths! In partnership with Circus Oz, the program went on an Australia-wide tour delivering over 254 workshops, and - as Good Guys, we are very proud of the impact this program had on young children’s lives!