The Good Guys - Doing Good

The Good Guys - Doing Good

The Good Guys Doing Good – Making a Difference Together

The Good Guys has always been passionate about delighting customers and providing support to address important social and environmental issues that are important to our team members. Our Doing Good community giving program allows our team members to donate to our charity partners and The Good Guys match all donations dollar for dollar. This means we can do more and make a bigger difference when we give together.
Thanks to the generosity of our team members, Doing Good has donated more than $2m to our charity partners and their work that is making a positive impact on people in need and the environment. Learn more about our charity partners below.

The Good Guys Workplace Giving Charity Partners

The Good Guys Workplace Giving program supports 12 incredible charity partners around Australia.
These charities have been selected to cover a diverse range of areas of social concern, allowing The Good Guys Doing Good Workplace Giving program to positively impact a broad cross section of the Australian community, and support those in need. Through our programs of support and giving, The Good Guys help thousands of Australians across the country every day.

Sponsorship Proposals And Charitable Donation Request FAQs

Is The Good Guys accepting sponsorship proposals or donation requests?

With our current commitments across our Doing Good program, The Good Guys is not presently accepting any sponsorship, partnership or donation requests of any kind from individuals, charities, events or organisations. If you are a charity group, school or club you may wish to read more about our Affiliate program as a way of raising revenue for your activities or programs.

Is The Good Guys looking for more charity partners for its Doing Good Workplace Giving Program?

Whilst we undertake an annual review of our charity partners, we prefer to focus our support on a limited number of already approved organisations in order to maximise the benefit to our current commitments. This assurance provides our charities with the confidence that our ongoing sustainable support will allow them to develop long-term projects and ensures that we help deliver their long term vision & short term goals together.