Why You Should Get A Projector This Summer

December 5, 2023 – 4 min read

The nights are getting warmer, and our outdoor spaces look more and more inviting. Additionally, more blockbuster films have been made available for streaming than ever before. So, it is the perfect time to dodge those sticky cinema seats and have a whole lot of fun with an outdoor movie night!

While there are plenty of nice-to-haves to make the experience feel extra-special - there are two musts for outdoor movie viewing: a projector and a screen.

Before you start planning your fun movie night, here are the top things you need to know about projectors and screens.

A group of friends watch a movie outdoors on a projector.

Benefits Of A Projector

Picture Size

The benefits of buying a projector to watch content at home is greatly based around size. Projectors have the advantage of not being restricted by an outer limit. The size of the projections themselves is simply dependent on how far away they are from the screen. The further away from the projector, the larger the projection. This creates easier viewing which means less strain and more comfort on the eyes! The Samsung The Freestyle Portable Smart FHD Projector brings the cinema experience to you with its premium 360 sound and 100 inch display, you can enjoy a gorgeous detailed picture from the comfort of your own home.

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Screen Quality

Another noteworthy advantage of projectors is that screen size can be configured to any size you desire, large or small. What’s even better is that projector screens, regardless of their size, are not permanent.

With projectors, the hardware is not bound to the exterior surface, therefore the screen size is infinitely customisable. That’s not all, if your screen size requirements change later on, it’s easy to adjust.

“Another noteworthy advantage of projectors is that screen size can be configured to any size you desire, large or small. What’s even better is that projector screens, regardless of their size, are not permanent.”


Projectors can also move around your house or be taken anywhere to watch the action where its most convenient for you. Samsung’s The Freestyle Portable Smart FHD Projector offers an array of entertainment options at home or on the go. Whether you want to watch your favourite movie or show in your lounge room or a friend’s house – it is all possible with this Samsung Freestyle Projector!

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Projector Technology

Most projectors feature either DLP, LCD or LED technology. Let’s look at the differences:

Digital Light Processing (DLP) uses a chip with tiny mirrors inside the projector to create your image. This provides you with sharp images, no need for filters and a better response time than normal projectors.

LCD projectors, like their TV screen counterparts, use liquid crystal display and are often cheaper because they don’t utilise moving parts. A 3-chip LCD projector offers better saturation levels, lower noise output and is perfect for movie nights.

LED projectors are perfect for binge sessions, with a lifespan of 20,000 hours and offer a lower power consumption. They appear in smaller configurations, so they are easy to mount or position.

3 friends watch a movie on a projector in their living room.

Mini Projectors

If you’d like to take your shows wherever you go, then there are fantastic mini projectors that offer you great picture quality and output. The Philips NeoPix Easy2+ Home Projector lets you take your visual entertainment with you. Bring it to a friend’s place or take it on a family camping trip, you’ll love their convenience and versatility. Don’t let their size fool you, they pack some serious specs into a small casing.

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A woman watches a movie from her bed using a mini projector.

Setting Up A Summer Movie Night

As mentioned, projectors are perfect for summer nights at home with your family. Easy to use and with a big picture to match, you can entertain all the kids in the neighbourhood at once! Here are the things you’ll need for the perfect movie night:

  • Your screen - you can project onto a wall (preferably white) but for a better viewing experience, we suggest a projector screen.
  • Your sound - many good projectors feature built-in sound capabilities, but to really make an impact, hook up speakers or a soundbar for maximum effect.
  • Your projector – The Good Guys have plenty of projectors to choose from. For outdoor viewing we recommend the NEBULA Capsule Portable Projector. The size of a soft drink can, it packs plenty of punch with an Android operating system so you can easily immerse yourself in content from your favourite apps, including Netflix, YouTube, and more. Offering you crystal clear picture up to 100 inches, it boasts a 4hr battery life and 360° speaker sound.

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Find Your Perfect Projector At The Good Guys

Now you are ready to set up a DIY movie theatre at home and make the most of your summer. The latest projectors from The Good Guys are the perfect partner for your summer outdoor entertainment. Visit us in-store or online to explore our home entertainment and audio range. For more advice, tips and inspiration on projectors and TVs, be sure to look at our Television Buying Guide.

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