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Buy the best exercise bikes in Australia when you shop online or in store at The Good Guys. You’ll get a good deal on a range of program bikes and spin bikes from leading brands such as BH Fitness so you can benefit from a full cardio workout any time of the day from the comfort of home. Many modern exercise bikes include Bluetooth technology so you can listen to music or watch movies via your smart device as well as access fitness apps to make it easier than ever to set goals, track progress and keep you entertained while you work out. Adjustable seats and handlebars accommodate a range of body types. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or looking to start a new cardio routine, you will find the right exercise bike for you at The Good Guys.

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  • BH Fitness Artic Program Bike BH Fitness Artic Program Bike
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  • BH Fitness I. Pixel Program Bike BH Fitness I. Pixel Program Bike
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  • BH Fitness SB2.6 Spin Bike BH Fitness SB2.6 Spin Bike
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Find a great cardio workout that isn't too hard on the joints with an Exercise Bike.

Looking for Home Gym Equipment but not sure where to begin? What's the difference between an Exercise Bike and a spin Bike is? Here’s what you need to know about shopping for Exercise Bikes.

Are Exercise Bikes good for weight loss?

Diet and exercise are key factors that drive healthy sustainable weight loss. Weight loss requires a calorie deficit by burning more calories than a body takes in with food. Exercise pushes the body to become more active and require more calories, while a balanced healthy diet is a good way of controlling calorie intake.

Cycling on an Exercise Bike is a low impact cardiovascular workout, increasing heartrate without putting too much stress on joints. This an efficient way to burn fat and lose weight and also help strengthen the heart, lungs, circulatory system and other muscles.

Working out on an Exercise Bike, especially at higher intensity levels, is a great way to burn calories and build strength. Muscle building exercises have additional weight loss effects as they increase the basal metabolic rate (BMR), burning more calories when not working out.

How does an Exercise Bike compare to a Treadmill?

Before comparing different types of Home Gym Equipment consider what activities you enjoy or what types of exercise you're already comfortable with. The best exercise equipment ultimately comes down to being motivated enough to use it regularly and form healthy workout habits. The more you enjoy using the machine, the more likely you'll stick with it.

Exercise Bikes and Treadmills are both excellent options for intensive cardiovascular workouts. Using either machine is an effective way of losing weight and burning fat. If space is limited, Exercise Bikes also tend to take up less space and are easier to move.

Using an Exercise Bike puts less stress on joints, bones and connective tissues than using a Treadmill whether running or walking. This helps lessen the risk of injury (which can help you stick to a regular exercise routine) and may make Exercise Bikes a better choice when managing chronic pain.

What's the difference between Exercise and Spin Bikes?

There are two main types of Home Gym Bikes: Spin and Exercise Bikes also called Upright Bikes or Stationary Bikes. While these Bikes differ in general design and features, both are great for cycling workouts that improve cardio fitness, promote weight loss and help tone muscles.

Spin Bikes more closely resemble the form of a normal bicycle and are ridden using the forward lean posture of regular biking. Many Spin Bikes are designed with strong pedals that can support standing and riding. Spin Bikes provide manual control of riding intensity and allow fitness to progress further but lack pre-installed programs, which may make them harder for beginners.

Exercise Bikes are designed for users to sit upright as they ride which can be easier on the shoulders, neck and lower back. They're easy to use, comfortable to sit on and tend to come with more built-in technologies for tracking progress and customizing workouts.

How do I buy the best Exercise Bike for me?

Before buying new equipment always get measurements of the workout space. Bikes tend to be smaller than other Home Gym machines and many models have wheels on the base to easily move them aside when not in use.

When comparing different Exercise Bikes consider the comfort of the seat for longer sessions with Upright Bikes tend to have larger, more supportive seats than Spin Bikes. Some models allow swapping out the seat or alternatively get a comfortable seat cover.

Models that use a magnetic field to adjust the workout intensity tend to be quieter than Bikes with air or tension resistance. Magnetic models also tend to be smoother to adjust.

Exercise Bikes with comfortable and secure foot straps on the pedals are useful for keeping feet in place. Secure straps also help with pulling pedals up as well as pushing them forward and down, which helps on high resistance settings.