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A soundbar is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to upgrade the sound of your television. They're simple to install, don't require a multi-speaker setup or the hassle of wires. Soundbars can also be used as a home wireless speaker so they can be enjoyed even when the TV is off. If you're looking for the ultimate home theatre experience with epic sound like Dolby Atmos, keep reading to get all the best tips and advice.

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Spotlight On Dolby Atmos

Wondering what is Dolby Atmos? It's an impressive audio format that produces a three-dimensional sound effect which makes any viewer or listener feel like they are part of the action. Whether it's movies, games or music, a good Dolby Atmos soundbar can significantly level up the sound of your entertainment so you can hear more and feel more. If you want the latest in soundbar tech, Dolby Atmos is the way to go.

Cinema Experience

Cinema Experience

With additional in-built speakers that project 3D surround sound, Dolby Atmos soundbars provide a thrilling cinema experience.



Most Dolby Atmos soundbars seamlessly connect to your phone or smart home assistant to stream your favourite music.



With a simple plug and play setup, Dolby Atmos soundbars are not only easy to install but also sleek and compact.

Channelling Sound

Channelling Sound

Dolby Atmos channels sounds from multiple directions via forward-facing speakers, subwoofers and height channels.

An angled product shot of the Fisher & Paykel Quad Door in a pristine white room.

Immersive Audio

Dolby Atmos creates a three-dimensional audio experience, allowing sound to move around you in a space, immersing you in the action of movies, games, and music.

An open Quad Door Refrigerator in a pristine white kitchen

Real Sound

Hear every sound move seamlessly around you, from footsteps behind to helicopters overhead, creating a lifelike, immersive experience.

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Adaptive Audio

Dolby Atmos adapts to the audio of your device or setup, whether you're using built-in speakers, or a full home theatre system, ensuring optimal audio quality and immersion.

Which Soundbar Is Right For You?

Finding the perfect soundbar is like finding the perfect playlist - it's all about blending your audio needs with your space. Think about your room size and TV dimensions for that sweet spot. Consider where you want to place it - whether in front, on a shelf, or hanging proudly on the wall. And don't forget those handy features like remote compatibility and wireless connections for that extra ease.

Soundbar Technology Glossary

Check out below to get clued up on all the Soundbar jargon before you start shopping.

Dolby Atmos

A modern audio format that cleverly projects sound from movies, video games, or music in a way that the listener gets to listen to the audio in an immersive way.

Three Dimensional Sound

Refers to immersive audio technologies that aim to surround the listener with incredible sound.

Multi-Speaker Setup

A number of speakers that enable you to play your music seamlessly around your home form a central device such as a smartphone or tablet.


A loudspeaker designed to produce low-frequency sound such as bass and sub-bass.


Soundbars have multiple built-in speakers and channels - the greater the number of speakers and channels, the more the sound will seem to surround you.

Plug-and-Play Setup

The hiding of an actual background in video display e.g. Background Blur feature.


The ability to link to and communicate with other electronic devices such as a smart home assistant or smartphone.

"A Soundbar is game changer because it allows you to actually feel what you’re seeing on screen – it’s a must for passionate audiophiles or anyone who wants that thunderous, high-fidelity sound in their living room." Christos Boukogiannis, The Good Guys Buyer – Sound

Top Things To Consider

When shopping for a soundbar, there are a few things to consider - from the latest tech, the size of your entertainment space, to wall mounting capability. Don't forget to look out for convenient connections, like Bluetooth, that will make it easier to connect your phone or tablet to the soundbar - just make sure you pair them before use.

Discover Popular Soundbar Brands

The Bose Smart Soundbar

With Two custom-engineered upfiring speakers Bose Smart Soundbar 900 with Dolby Atmo works to make it feel like your room is filled with sound from every direction.

Bose's Ultimate Soundbar

The 600 supports Dolby Atmos' high standard for audio, and even if the content you choose isn't atmos enabled it will be routed from many directions at once including overhead.

Samsung Soundbar

The latest line up of Samsung Smart TVs and Soundbars will elevate your home. Featuring breath-taking visuals and crystal clear sound quality.

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