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Really clever appliances to make life in your kitchen easier.

Westinghouse Fridges - Renowned for quality craftsmanship and everyday reliability, Westinghouse fridges are the beating heart of a family home Shop Now

In Real Life


Westinghouse steam assist ovens

make perfectly cooked family roasts, juicy and full of flavour everytime - really clever


Westinghouse induction cooktops

are energy efficient, heat quickly and feature a handy pause function - really clever


So clever, so much space

Westinghouse FlexSpace™ fridges have lots of storage space and adjustable sliding door shelves Australian families will love.

Create more fridge space

Use clever FlexStor™ accessories to store more and make your Westinghouse FlexSpace™ fridge more organised

Fridges & Freezers

Westinghouse Ovens - Westinghouse Ovens use hot air and steam to cook meat without oil or fat until it’s crispy and tender - for the ultimate Westinghouse oven healthy roast. Learn more

Westinghouse induction cooktops - Westinghouse induction cooktops use magnetic heating to transfer heat into pots and pans while the cooktop stays cool for safe, family-friendly cooking. Learn more

Westinghouse Gas Cooktop - Cooking with gas is FamilySafe™ with Westinghouse cooktop trivets for pan stability and a flame failure device that stop gas flow if the flame goes out. Learn more

Westinghouse Dishwashers - A Westinghouse dishwasher is designed to be flexible and smart so you can clean up quickly, and the chic designs complement any kitchen Shop now

Westinghouse Freezers - A Westinghouse freezer makes everyday meals so much simpler, and every Westinghouse upright freezer and chest freezer has a simple, sleek design. Shop now

About Westinghouse - Westinghouse has been a household name for generations. And while we've been helping Australian families for years, times have changed. And we've changed with them. Learn more