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Dual-Fuel Frestanding Ovens

Style and functionality combine perfectly in the latest Westinghouse dual-fuel freestanding ovens. The large gas cooktop features a powerful wok burner and the spacious electric oven features twin-fans for even heat distribution and the latest AirFry feature.

 | Dark Stainless Steel Oven with AirFry & Steam Cooking | The Good Guys

Dark Stainless Steel Oven with AirFry & Steam Cooking

Cook healthier, tastier meals with this Westinghouse Dark Stainless Steel Oven. The advanced built-in air fryer lets you enjoy your favourite foods with less oil and steam cooking keeps food juicy and full of flavour and nutrients.

Westinghouse Fridges | The Good Guys

Westinghouse Fridges

Whether you're looking for a family friendly large French door fridge, a space-saving bottom mount or top mount fridge, a handy bar fridge or a large capacity freezer, Westinghouse fridges and freezers are packed with clever features to help you store more.

Westinghouse Ovens | The Good Guys

Westinghouse Ovens

Stylish, easy to use and packed with features and functions, Westinghouse ovens make even novice cooks look like experts. Available in electric, gas, pyrolytic and steam assisted models, you're sure to find a reliable Westinghouse oven perfect for you.

Westinghouse Dishwashers | The Good Guys

Westinghouse Dishwashers

No more fighting over who does the dishes. A Westinghouse dishwasher makes washing up easy. Quiet, economical, enough flexible shelving to hold a dinner party's worth of dirty dishes and a choice of wash programs offers even greater cleaning flexibility.

Westinghouse Rangehoods | The Good Guys

Westinghouse Rangehoods

Keep your kitchen free of smoke, steam and cooking odours with a powerful Westinghouse rangehood. Whether you prefer a discrete slideout or statement fixed or canopy style, there's a Westinghouse rangehood great for your kitchen.

Westinghouse Cooktops | The Good Guys

Westinghouse Cooktops

Gas, electric, ceramic or induction - the choice is yours. Westinghouse have the perfect cooktop to suit every cooking style and kitchen design. Westinghouse cooktops are reliable, easy to clean and a great addition to any modern kitchen.

Westinghouse Freestanding Ovens | The Good Guys

Westinghouse Freestanding Ovens

The best of both worlds - a large oven and cooktop in one. A Westinghouse freestanding oven is as stylish as it is functional. Choose from gas, electric or dual fuel models in widths ranging from 54cm and 60cm up to a large 90cm - great for families.

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Westinghouse Microwaves

An essential for every kitchen, a Westinghouse microwave is a true kitchen hero. Great for cooking, reheating, melting and defrosting. Westinghouse built-in combination microwaves have the added benefit of convection cooking making them a great second oven.

Westinghouse Steam Ovens

Thinking about a Westinghouse steam oven? Westinghouse Steam Assist Ovens use steam to retain more of your food's essential nutrients for a healthier way of cooking. PLUS they really do create perfect roasts that are juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside - yes crispy!

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For generations, Westinghouse appliances have been a much loved part of Australian homes. Chosen for functionality and reliability, Westinghouse appliances are packed with innovative features designed to improve family life.

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