Security Cameras: Must-Have Features To Look For

May 4, 2023 – 3 min read

Cameras are the home security equivalent of having eyes in the back of your head. Got a delivery? Expecting a guest? Or just want to keep your property safe? The latest security camera features let you hear, see and record things from afar. It’s all made easy with Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity. Get pinged when the postie delivers a package or the camera detects movement, or just open the app to watch a live-feed of the front yard.

Whether you’ve got a system of wireless security cameras around the house or a security camera with sensor light trained on the front entrance, these are the features to look for.

A discreet, black surveillance camera mounted high on an exterior wall of a house

Why You Need Security Cameras

The latest surveillance tech offers unobtrusive cameras, accessible footage and the peace of mind that your house is protected. There are types for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can create a complete home security set-up, or just safeguard certain areas with a camera or two.

“Security cameras are quick to install, and made to multitask,” says David Linehan, The Good Guys Buyer – Tech Accessories. “Take a wireless camera to your next rental home or rest assured knowing motion-activated cameras will send a smartphone notification if there’s trouble.”

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Top Security Camera Features

Stay informed and connected with these top features designed to make surveillance simple:

Smartphone Alerts

Heading on a holiday? Stay informed with Wi-Fi enabled cameras. Dedicated smartphone apps link to your camera and offer motion-activated notifications, plus access to live and archived footage. With a few taps on the app, you can trigger a noise alarm to deter any suspicious visitors you spy on the live stream.

High Quality Resolution

From 1080 HD to 2K and 4K quality, the latest security cameras record crisp pictures to help you distinguish a potential perp from the neighbourhood postie.

“Not only matching the resolution of your media room TV, high definition cameras let you tune into the finer details of footage. Zoom in to see faces, number plates and key traits,” says David Linehan.

Higher pixels are also important in low light situations, so you can catch clear videos in the dead of night or from the shady back deck.

“High definition cameras let you tune into the finer details of footage. Zoom in to see faces, number plates and key traits.”

Night Vision

Thanks to some handy night vision, your camera can keep watch once the sun sets. The likes of TP-Link security cameras have an automatic colour switch filter to get clear pictures in low light conditions.

Some outdoor cameras also come fitted with a motion-activated floodlight, so you can scare off crims and also get a good look at things.

Motion-Activated Recording

Save on storage and record what matters with motion-activated recording. Motion sensors recognise movement and automatically start recording. Wi-Fi models will also alert you via smartphone notifications.

If you live on a busy street, Swann’s security camera sensor tech is a must-have. It detects thermal heat and motion, so you won’t be notified about a passing car or swaying tree.

Smart Home Connectivity

Get more out of your smart home with smart security cameras. Set up a savvy system of connected cameras to flick between backyard and front yard live streams on the same app.

Match your Google smart speakers with a Google security camera. Use your Nest Hub to see who’s at the door and direct the delivery driver using two-way communication. Or, see it on the TV screen with a Chromecast.

A man sitting in his outdoor area at home with coffee in one hand, smartphone in the other, viewing footage on its screen from various home security cameras

Pet Camera

Cameras don’t just catch criminals – they catch sight of wagging tails and whiskers too! Whether you’re checking on Buster’s separation anxiety or seeing who slobbered on the couch, security cameras make perfect pet cameras too.

Control the camera from afar to pan, tilt and see where your pup hides during a storm. Comfort the cat with two-way communication that projects your voice from the camera, or set customisable detection zones to see which off-limit spaces the dog explores while you’re gone.


Not sure what’s missing from your home security? See us in-store and online for expert advice on boosting your set-up, plus the best range of security cameras at Pay Less prices.

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