6 Ways To Make Your Dryer Last Longer

December 7, 2023 – 3 min read

Your dryer cares for your clothes, sheets and towels – but how do you care for your dryer? A little dryer maintenance goes a long way in prolonging the life and performance of your appliance. Whether you have a condenser, vented or heat pump dryer, some regular TLC such as cleaning the vents and lint removal will help keep it in good working order.

Read on for expert advice on keeping your dryer in tip-top shape, plus the tell-tale signs it’s time to upgrade your laundry appliance to a new and improved model!

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When Should You Replace A Dryer?

While regular maintenance will keep your dryer in top form, sometimes an old and well-used dryer must be replaced.

“Listen out for grinding, rattling or unusual sounds that may signal the demise of your dryer. Another sign is when your dryer takes longer to dry laundry, or if it leaves clothes smelling damp,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration and Laundry.

Not to worry – with a new dryer, you’ll be getting a major upgrade!

“You'd be amazed at the level of tech in the latest dryers, all designed to save you time, money and effort. Automatic sensors select the optimum drying cycles for your load so you don't have to think about it; steam settings refresh barely-worn clothes for a second wear without the need to wash them; and heat pump technology dries clothes more gently, and uses less power to do it," says Peter.

Go gentle on your clothes with a heat pump dryer. These energy-saving dryers reheat and recycle air for more consistent temperatures that help preserve fabrics. Plus, say goodbye to a steamy, mouldy laundry – this recycled-air system also reduces the amount of heat and moisture that gets released.

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Best Deals On New Dryers

In need of an upgrade? Pop into The Good Guys for expert advice on the latest features and functions, or browse the full range online. Know you’re getting the best deal with Price Beat – we monitor competitors’ prices on the daily, and will automatically offer the best market price (in-store and online!). Or, if you’ve found a better price from an approved competitor, just let us know and we’ll match it.

Once your dryer selection is locked and loaded, The Good Guys Home Services can organise a professional installer to get you up and running.

“You'd be amazed at the level of tech in the latest dryers, all designed to save you time, money and effort.”

How To Make Your Dryer Last Longer

Follow these steps to keep your dryer performing better for longer.

#1 Clean The Lint Filter

This 10-second chore will save you hassle in the long run. Regularly clean the lint filter to keep it unclogged, and to decrease wear and tear (a lint-free dryer doesn’t have to work as hard!). Or, look to the latest Samsung dryers, which tell you when the filter needs cleaning.

#2 Don’t Overload The Dryer

Don’t be tempted to stuff those last two towels in – less is more when it comes to loading your machine. When packed to the max, a dryer can’t properly rotate, tumble and dry clothes. You’ll also be left with still-damp clothes, and a musty smell to match. 

Looking to load up? A busy household can benefit from a large-capacity dryer. A 7kg to 8.5kg dryer will cater for three to four people, while a 9kg plus dryer is best for five or more people.

#3 Know Your Dryer-Safe Clothes

Steer clear of swimsuits, bras, rubber-backed bathmats and any clothing with plastic or rubber parts. These can melt with the dryer’s heat and damage not only your sequin top, but the dryer too.

“Look for dryers that have dedicated programs for wool and delicates. These cycles dry at lower temperatures and shorter cycles suitable for woollen garments and delicates, such as loosely woven or embroidered fabrics,” says Peter Simic. 

Asko dryers will even dry your silk too! The SensiDry system, which measures moisture levels in your load, will end the cycle when delicates are almost dry. A quick air-dry will finish things off without risking shrinkage or over-drying.

Laundry basket filled with freshly dried clothes on the floor in front of a dryer with the door open

#4 Go Easy On The Dryer Sheets

Stick to one sheet for small to average-sized loads, and two sheets for large loads – any more, and the residue can build up and make your dryer’s job a hard one.

The latest Miele dryers eliminate the need for scented dryer sheets with their in-built fragrance dosing system that gently scents loads for lovely, fresh-smelling laundry.

#5 Clean The Inside Of Your Dryer

A clean dryer is a top-performing dryer! Give the drum a regular wipe with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. This clears out lingering lint and residue.

To clean the condenser, remove it (usually, the condenser lives in a separate unit) and rinse under a tap. Or, ditch the chore with a Bosch heat pump dryer! These self-cleaning dryers automatically clean the condenser with the water it extracts from your wet laundry – smart!

#6 Clean The Dryer Vent And Vent Cap

If you’ve got a vented dryer, it’s essential to remove lint by cleaning the dryer vent. Lint can build up on the inside of the vent, which is accessible from your laundry, or from the outside where air is deposited. This build-up is not only a fire threat but also works the dryer overtime with a cycle that takes longer and uses more power.

With a vacuum or extendable brush, deep-clean the dryer vent every two years, or when you notice clothes are taking longer to dry.


Don’t leave your dryer high and dry! Keep it in top condition, or upgrade to a heat pump dryer for easy cleaning and energy savings. Visit The Good Guys in-store and online to find the dryer of your dreams.

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