Over 130 years of experience paired with the latest German engineering, allow Bosch to make your everyday life easier. Discover Bosch laundry, kitchen and home appliances in-store and online at The Good Guys.

Bosch Dishwashers

In this Buying Guide discover how  Bosch freestandingbuilt-inintegrated and slim width dishwashers effortlessly clean both pots, pans and your most delicate glassware. Featuring a sleek design, intuitive features and excellent water and energy efficiency, a Bosch Dishwasher is sure to take washing out of your hands! 

Bosch Ovens

In this Buying Guide discover how Bosch Series 6 and Series 8 electric ovens, pyrolytic ovens and the latest steam ovens have been designed to make cooking easier, faster and more enjoyable. With innovative features galore, plus clever technology and a sophisticated eye-catching design - it is sure to be your next kitchen hero! 

Bosch Washing Machines

In this Buying Guide discover how Bosch washing machines, featuring a range of programs, are sure to make your #laundrygoals come true. With tech to look after your bulkiest loads to your most delicate fabrics. Bosch's i-DOS tech dispenses the perfect amount of detergent by sensing your wash load. Say hello to effortless washing!

Bosch Dryers

In this Buying Guide discover why a Bosch heat pump dryers will change your energy game. Offering incredible energy efficiency by reusing heat during the drying process. They also feature an Antivibration design to provide more stability and reduce vibration. Fabric friendly drying, the sensitive drying system cares for your laundry perfectly.

Bosch Cooktops

In this Buying Guide discover everything you need to know about Bosch cooktops. Featuring good looks and excellent performance, you can't go wrong! Whether you prefer the speed and efficiency of induction cooking, the precision of a Bosch FlameSelect gas cooktop or the reliability of a ceramic cooktop look no further than Bosch.

Bosch Microwaves Oven

In this Buying Guide discover how you can create the ultimate cooks kitchen and free up valuable bench space with a stylish Bosch built-in combination microwave. Featuring both microwave and convection oven settings, a built-in Bosch combination microwave makes an excellent second oven. All this practical magic comes wrapped in a stylish finish. 

Bosch Vacuum Cleaners

In this Buying Guide discover all about the Bosch Vacuum Range. Give your home a thorough clean with the convenience of a handheld stick vacuum. Bosch cordless vacuums powerfully remove dust, dirt and pet hair from both carpets and hard floors with complete cord-free convenience. With powerful suction, convenience and ultimate flexibility.

Bosch Rangehoods

In this Buying Guide discover how a Bosch rangehood powerfully – and quietly – removes cooking odours and smoke from your kitchen. Available in discrete slideout and undermount styles or statement wall canopy rangehoods that create an eye-catching design feature in your kitchen.

Like A Bosch

The latest German engineering combined with over 130 years of experience make Bosch the expert when it comes to hardworking household appliances. 


Their glowing product reviews speak for themselves, and it's not just our customers. Bosch customers everywhere are a satisfied bunch. That's why Bosch is always finding new and better ways to make the daily grind easier (and smarter) with hardworking household appliances that are 'invented for life'. Your life.

Be A Bosch In The Laundry - Meet Bosch's Heat Pump Dryer

Looking for a more dependable way to tackle your household’s drying without pushing up your power bills? Look no further than a Bosch heat pump dryer! Bosch heat pump dryers can easily be installed anywhere without the need for venting.


That's not all ... Thanks to super-efficient heat exchange technology, the Bosch 8kg Heat Pump Dryer, can help your clothes serve you longer because it dries them more gently and has automatic sensors to prevent damage caused by over-drying.

The Next Level Of Cooking

Looking to take your cooking to the next level? The Bosch Series 8 oven range, crafted in Germany, is here to elevate your culinary game.

Get ready for crispy perfection with Air Fry functionality available in all full-size Series 8 and accentline ovens. You can control these ovens remotely with Home Connect across all models. With up to 71 litres of cooking space and a range of heating options, they guarantee cooking excellence from gourmet creations to family mealtime favourites.

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Blitz Dish Duty With A Smart Bosch Dishwasher

Time to upgrade your dishwasher? Offering quick wash cycles and space for extra-large loads, plus remote operation from your smartphone and impressive energy efficiency, Bosch has you covered! 


If you’re ready to upgrade your freestandingbuilt-in or integrated dishwasher, Bosch has the right appliance for your space and lifestyle. So get ready to blitz dish duty, and complete your kitchen.

Bosch Buying Guides

Get ready to take on life like a Bosch with these handy Buying Guides. Read everything you need to know about the Bosch Cooking, Cleaning and Laundry ranges, plus details on all of Bosch's tech that is invented for everything that life has to throw at you. Click through the Buying Guide's below to see how Bosch has new and better ways to make the daily grind easier (and smarter) with hardworking household appliances. 

Bosch Series 8 ovens in a modern kitchen

Level Up Your Home Cooking

Elevate your kitchen with Bosch's sleek Series 8 ovens and upgrade your everyday cooking.

All Bosch black chic kitchen.

Like A Bosch

The top-rated appliance features to live your best life.

Bosch Heat Pump Dryer

Complete Your Laundry

Here’s why a Bosch heat pump dryer is the laundry legend you need.

Bosch smart dishwasher connecting to phone.

Smart Dishwashers

Is this the world's smartest dishwasher? Learn more about Bosch's incredible range.

Bosch flexible vacuum getting under coffee table.

The Bosch Difference

Designed for cleaning convenience, discover why you need a Bosch stick vac.

Woman using Bosch Vacuum

Bosch Vacuum Buying Guide

Power suction, convenience and ultimate flexibility, discover the best of Bosch cordless stick vacuum for you.

Bosch washing machine in European laundry.

Laundry Inspiration

5 reasons why it pays to make the switch to a Bosch Laundry.

Bosch kitchen

Bosch Kitchen Buying Guide

Create a kitchen you'll love with the latest Bosch dishwashers, ovens, cooktops and matching rangehoods.

Bosch washing machine

Bosch Laundry Buying Guide

Why upgrading to a standout Bosch washing machine and dryer will turbocharge your laundry days.