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LG Vacuum | The Good Guys

LG A9T-Auto Vacuum

The LG A9T- Auto CordZero® Stick Vacuum features the innovative All-In-One TowerTM that serves as a charging station, automatically empties the dust bin when docked and conveniently stores vacuum accessories.

LG Laundry | The Good Guys

LG Laundry

Designed to care for what you wear, LG washing machines and dryers, including the WashTower, feature the latest technologies to make washing easier than ever.

LG Fridges | The Good Guys

LG Fridges

LG Side By Side Fridges will quickly become the heart of your kitchen. Packed with the latest features and innovative technology to make feeding the family or entertaining friends a breeze.

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LG Fridges & Freezers | The Good Guys

LG Fridges & Freezers

Within LG's range of French Door Fridges, Bottom Mount Fridges and Side by Side Fridges, they present smart fridges such as the LG Instaview Fridge, LG Signature Fridge, Slim Fit French Door Fridges and more.

LG TVs | The Good Guys


Upgrade your viewing experience with an LG 2021 TV. Packed with the latest features and technology, TV has never looked so good. LG OLED TVs, 4K Nano Cell and 4K UHD TVs offer an exceptional viewing experience that must be seen to be believed.

LG InstaView Refrigerator – Gary

Here’s what one of our Home Testers Gary had to say about the LG Slim Width InstaView Refrigerator.

Samsung Reviews
Samsung Reviews

LG TwinWash Washing Machine - Daz

We sent one of our Home Testers, Daz, a LG TwinWash Washing Machine and here’s what they had to say about the product.

Samsung Reviews
Samsung Reviews

LG InstaView Refrigerator – Anthony

Find out what one of our Home Testers had to say about the LG InstaView Refrigerator.

Samsung Reviews
Samsung Reviews
LG Washing Machines & Dryers | The Good Guys

LG Washing Machines & Dryers

Designed to care for what you wear, LG front load washing machines, top load washing machines, heat pump dryers, TWINWash® dual load washers and the ‘all-in-one’ WashTower™ care for your clothes and the environment.

LG Microwaves | The Good Guys

LG Microwaves

Open up a world of intelligent cooking with the LG NeoChef Microwaves. With Smart Inverter technology, anti-bacterial EasyClean internal coating and a seamless design, its no wonder LG won the 2019 Choice Award for Best Brand of Microwaves.

LG Dishwashers | The Good Guys

LG Dishwashers

Never double wash again, with the LG QuadWash Dishwasher's steam function that works to effectively breakdown stubborn grease and food scraps, leaving your dishes sparkling clean with fewer water spots. Discover TrueSteam models for an even better clean.

LG Phones & Wearables | The Good Guys

LG Phones & Wearables

Enjoy 4G connectivity and Android software with the new range of LG Phones, including some of the best camera phone features with the LG G8s ThinQ. Connect your smartphone up to LG Wearables such as the LG Smart Watch to enjoy further features on-the-go.

LG Vacuum Cleaner | The Good Guys

LG Vacuum Cleaners

Make light work of housework with an LG Vacuum. Discover LG stick vacuums - all packed with clever features and the latest technology to make cleaning your home easier than ever before.

LG Soundbars and Home Audio | The Good Guys

LG Soundbars and Home Audio

Explore our range of LG Home Audio, including LG Soundbars, Portable Speakers and Hi-Fi Sound Systems. With wireless solutions and Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy powerful sound without compromising your home aesthetic.

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About LG

About LG

LG delivers technology that makes life better with every product they create. From TVs, washers, mobiles phones, fridges, dishwashers, dryers, microwaves and smart home appliances, LG Australia makes life good.

Improve your day-to-day life with LG’s innovative products, available online and in store at The Good Guys.

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