Best TVs For Gaming

May 4, 2023 – 4 min read

Calling all Fortnite, Minecraft and Call of Duty gamers, it’s time to upgrade your gaming experience. Here is our guide featuring the best TVs for your Xbox, PlayStation, and other gaming consoles. Power-up your reaction time with a high refresh rate, never lose a valuable second with low input lag and envisage yourself in the game with Ultra High Definition.

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What TV Features Are Best For Gaming?

Low Input Lag

If you play high-intensity action games like Call of Duty or Fortnite, you know that missing half a millisecond due to a TV lag can be detrimental to your gaming performance and can often mean the difference between virtual life and death. Therefore, you need a TV with low input lag.

Input lag is the time between your TV receiving a signal and displaying it on the screen. It generally ranges from 15-80 milliseconds with -40 deemed as low and -20 outstanding.

High Refresh Rate

The images that your game displays on the TV screen are a series of still picture frames refreshing at an extreme rate. A 60Hz TV will refresh your game’s picture frames at 60 times per second, and a 120Hz TV at 120 times per second and so on.

OLED TV technology works to diffuse motion blur and produce a clearer and smoother picture. QLED TV technology is also extremely reactive and has an almost instant response time, making either an OLED or QLED TV a quality choice for avid gamers.

“OLED TV technology works to diffuse motion blur and produce a clearer and smoother picture. QLED TV technology is also extremely reactive and has an almost instant response time.”

Ultra High Definition

Envisage yourself in the game with the sharp, lifelike detail of a 4K or 8K TV. The Ultra High Definition (UHD) that features in a 4K or 8K TV offers a vibrant colour range and a crisp picture quality so that you can say goodbye to pixelated TV imaging and hello to the ultimate gaming experience.

ⓘ TIP: To ensure your game looks and feels its best, it's important to ensure your console has a 4K or HDR output, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 are most compatible for this.

Stream Your Games

Open up a new world of games with a Smart TV. With internet connectivity, your Smart TV can stream games from various online apps and websites, so that you will never be limited to just your physical game collection.

Explore a wide range of online games, including anything from ancient tombs and outer space to race car tracks and tennis courts, so that no matter what games you like to play, there will always be something fun and new for you to try.

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Intergalactic Sound

Match your cinematic gaming imagery with quality immersive sound and look for a TV that has Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos is a speaker system built into a wide range of brand’s TVs, and it can help to transform gaming into a lifelike, virtual reality experience.

If you already have a TV but are looking to upgrade your audio, try a Dolby Atmos sound bar. Sound bars are external sound systems that can adjust your TVs sound based on your gaming needs, ensuring you always feel part of the action.

Shop Gaming TVs

TCL 75" C845 Mini-LED TV

Sony 65" X90L 4K BRAVIA XR Full Array LED TV

Samsung 77" S90C 4K OLED Smart TV

Hisense 85" A7KAU 4K UHD Smart TV


Our team at The Good Guys are always happy to provide expert advice on the best TV to cater your needs. Feel free to come in-store or explore more online. Don’t forget to check out our other tips on finding the best TV for watching sport and best TV for streaming movies.

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