Are Bigger Smartphones Better?

December 12, 2023 - 3 minute read

Remember that game changer, the first iPhone released back in 2007? Its screen measured a dinky 3.5 inches! Since then, mobile phones have expanded both in size and stature. Our all-essential passport to the world, the largest smartphones now boast a whopping 6.8-inch display (say hello to the “phablet”!).

Two men out having a walk in the sunshine stop to compare smartphones.

But is bigger always better?

“There is a prevailing view that bigger smartphones provide a better showcase for the latest mobile technology and a more enjoyable user experience,” says John Wong, The Good Guys Buyer – Phones. “That’s true to an extent, but smaller screens also have advantages. And now, there’s a whole new generation of foldable smartphones that offer us the best of both worlds.”

Whether you’re in the “go large or go home” camp or believe that small is beautiful, we’re here to help you find the perfect size smartphone for you!

Why Are Smartphones Getting Bigger?

A phone isn’t just a phone anymore. It’s a pocket-sized personal computer. With dramatically increased data limits and the explosion of streaming media apps, our smartphones can now do everything from pay our bills and book tickets, to screen movies, make video calls and control our smart appliances remotely.

“Phones have gotten bigger because they do so much more and need larger screen real estate to navigate all those extra apps,” says John Wong. “Batteries have also had to grow to power all that increased functionality.”

How To Choose The Right Size Smartphone For You

Choosing your optimum size smartphone essentially boils down to how you plan to use your phone  – and how you plan to carry it (stashed in a bag or your back pocket?). A small smartphone is now classified as anything with a screen size under 6 inches. Smartphones with displays over 6.5 inches are considered large.

Let’s break down the case for both big and small phones.

“There is a prevailing view that bigger smartphones provide a better showcase for the latest mobile technology and a more enjoyable user experience. That’s true to an extent.” John Wong, The Good Guys Buyer – Phones

When To Buy A Big Screen Smartphone

A big screen makes more sense if you: Love watching videos, often work from your phone, create content on your phone, play graphic-intensive games, frequently multitask, and don’t mind typing with two-hands (although there’s always voice messaging or dictation mode instead!).

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Benefits Of Large Screens

Bigger smartphones have proven incredibly popular with consumers in recent years, so there’s great choice in this category. Here’s what else you’ll enjoy:

  • Larger phones display more text, which equals less scrolling and easy readability.
  • Bigger screens provide gamers with a more dynamic display (and less “thumb blockout’).
  • Video calls feel more intimate.
  • Streamed content will be highly immersive.
  • Bigger screens usually mean bigger batteries and a longer battery life, too.

When To Buy A Small Screen Smartphone

A small screen makes more sense if you: Primarily use your phone for making calls and for quick everyday tasks like texting or web browsing, like to travel light with your phone in your pocket, prefer to use your phone one-handed, have small hands, and find big screens distracting or exhausting. Struggle to read on a small screen? Just bump up the font size!

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Benefits Of Small Screens

Phones may have gotten bigger but our hands haven’t! Here’s why smaller screens rule:

  • They’re portable and lightweight.
  • Smaller screens can be more affordable.
  • They’re comfortable to hold and use, especially for kids.
Young fashionable woman holds different sized smartphones in either hand, weighing up the options.

Meet The Foldable Phone – The Smartphone That’s Both Big And Small!

The latest foldable phones are all about boosting display size to give you all the perks of a bigger screen, while shrinking your phone’s footprint. Just fold it in half and slip it in your pocket when you’re done!

How Do Foldable Phones Work?

Unlike the flip phones that were popular in the Noughties, a foldable phone is a smartphone with a single, flexible display screen that folds seamlessly in half. Like a sheet of paper! Foldables can either be smartphones that open up to become tablets, like the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. Or smartphones that fold down into a more compact device, such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5.

Why You Want A Foldable Phone

The new Samsung foldable phone Galaxy Z series bridges the gap between a phone and a laptop. The hinge can hold on an angle, so you can prop the device to enjoy hands-free selfies and video calls; while the best-in-class Galaxy Z Fold5 delivers dual screen convenience and keyboard view to take multitasking on the go to a whole new level. 

How To Pay Less On Your Next Smartphone

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