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  • George Foreman Electric Griddle George Foreman Electric Griddle
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  • Sunbeam Caf Style 6 Slice Sandwich Grill and Press Sunbeam Caf Style 6 Slice Sandwich Grill and Press
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  • George Foreman Fit Grill Large George Foreman Fit Grill Large
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  • Cuisinart Griddler and Deep Pan Cuisinart Griddler and Deep Pan
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  • Tefal OptiGrill+ Tefal OptiGrill+
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  • George Foreman Fit Grill Medium George Foreman Fit Grill Medium
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  • Breville Sear & Press Grill Breville Sear & Press Grill
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Looking to save time in the kitchen and maintain your health? Check out our range of Grills to drop the fat and keep the flavour.

A great way to enjoy simple, healthy meals every day, here's what you need to know about Electric Grills to help make shopping easier.

What is the difference between a Grill and a griddle?

An Electric Grill sometimes called a Grill Press is a countertop Kitchen Appliance used to grill meat, seafood, vegetables, sandwiches and more. An Electric Grill will cook a meal between two hot plates using a combination of heat and pressure. Food gets cooked on the top and bottom sides simultaneously, saving time by cooking twice as fast and cutting back on the need to rotate food.

Electric Grills generally have one of three plate designs: flat cooking plates make the most direct contact with food, ribbed plates provide a pleasing striped grill mark to food and also help to draw fats and oils away from the food, while mixed plate grills give the best of both worlds across a combination of flat and ribbed plates.

Unlike Grills, griddles have no top and bottom but rather a single plate for cooking like a classic George Foreman. Griddles are great at cooking a variety of foods and dishes together without applying pressure from above.

Are Electric Grills healthy?

In general grilling food is healthier than some other cooking methods like frying. Both meat and vegetables retain more of their natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients when grilled. Electric Grills are also thought to produce healthier food than gas or coal, however for cooking larger batches you can't go past a Barbeque.

Benchtop Electric Grill presses are also great for draining fats and oils away from meats as they cook. Ribbed Grill plates can cook with the raised ridges on the plate whilst lower grooves in between collect natural oils and fats and keep them separated.

For healthier results remember to buy lean cuts of meat, trim excess fat before cooking and grill some delicious vegetables to serve alongside the meat. Corn, capsicum, mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes are quick to cook and delicious when grilled.

How do I clean a Grill?

The best way to ensure a Grill is in good working order is with regular cleaning. Cleaning soon after each use whilst the Grill is still warm but not hot will prevent fats, marinades and other residues from drying out and getting cooked on to the surface. This caked on mess can make it much tougher to clean off later and may damage the cooking surface.

Since many Electric Grills have a slight incline, fats will trickle down away from the ridges in the cooking plate and collect in a drip tray for easy cleaning. It is important that you never put the appliance in water to clean it as this will make the unit unsafe to operate due to water being trapped in the internals.

Electric Grill plates have a non-stick coating that make them easy to wipe down with a damp sponge or cloth. Keep in mind that abrasive chemical cleaners and scouring pads can damage non-stick surfaces, so rubber tools like a spatula work best for scraping off tougher food and grime. Some dishwashing liquid on a wet sponge or cloth will lift off sticky residues, then wiping again using a dampened cloth and drying with paper towel keeps the surface tidy and ready for next time.

How do I choose the right Grill for me?

While buying a big Grill can be tempting, remember to keep kitchen space in mind. Grills can be bulky and heavy so try to get accurate measurements of the countertop and available cupboard space to ensure the Grill is easy to store and bring out as needed. A lock will hold the plates together which helps save space and make it easier to move.

Models with temperature controls such as some of Breville's will allow fine tuning of the heat to suit the type of food cooking, while others like Tefal even have menu settings and precise adjustments to get the right cooking result. Searing meat benefits from higher temperatures whilst toasting a panini or Sandwich works better on a lower heat. For even greater versatility and time efficiency, consider a Grill with separate temperature controls for each half of the plate.

Some models are easier to clean than others, with an inclined bottom plate and removable drip tray. Some also have removable hot plates for easy cleaning in the sink, and others have Dishwasher safe drip trays.