Top Coffee Machines To Gift Mum This Mother’s Day!

April 18, 2024 - 4 min read

Mum is the greatest. She spent years waking up early, staying up late and running around all weekend, just for you. So, what’s the best way to say thanks this Mother’s Day? That’s easy: COFFEE. EVERY. DAY! A whizz-bang coffee machine is the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving, saving her time and money and serving up an endless supply of her favourite brews. Whether she considers herself a home barista or wants a quick cuppa at the push of a button, we’ve got a benchtop beauty to make all her caffeine dreams come true.

Mother and daughter enjoying coffee

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Best Coffee Machine For Busy Mums

Between the kids, work, the house and her social life, Mum needs a coffee and a break! A capsule coffee machine ticks both boxes. These easy-to-use machines give consistent results (great coffee, every time!) and are perfect for mums on the go. All she needs to do is pop in her favourite coffee capsule and let it do the rest.

“One of the big wins with capsule coffee machines, especially for busy mums, is that they practically look after themselves – we all know she doesn’t need one more thing to take care of!” says Tracey Ellis, The Good Guys Buyer – Portable Appliances. “Most models have a visual light cue that lets you know when the water tank is empty, the capsule drawer is full, or when it's time for a quick and easy descaling.”

We know for Mum, some days are single shot days and others need the full mug – especially those busy school mornings! The Nespresso Vertuo Pop has her back (and her caffeine cravings) with four cup sizes, including 40ml, 80ml, 150ml and 230ml. Mum can effortlessly brew café-quality coffee at a touch of a button – all she has to do is pop in her favourite Nespresso capsule and she’s on her way to making delicious coffee in no time!

“One of the big wins with capsule coffee machines, especially for busy mums, is that they practically look after themselves."
product image of three Nespresso Vertuo Pop Capsule Machines in Aqua Mint, Black Solo and White

Best Automatic Coffee Machine For Mums Who Love To Entertain

The best coffee machine for a home that’s always buzzing is one that works hard and fast. If your mum loves to have people over, take a load off her entertaining with an automatic machine that quickly pours perfect coffee for a crowd. 

“The best automatic coffee machines are dual pouring, have pre-set recipes for a whole menu of cafe-standard brews, and some even take care of the entire coffee-making process, from grinding to brewing and frothing the milk,” says Tracey Ellis.

Shop Automatic Coffee Machines

Philips 4300 Series LatteGo

Breville Oracle Touch Noir Limited Edition Coffee Machine

DeLonghi Rivelia Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

product image of the DeLonghi Rivelia Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Best Coffee Machine For Coffee Connoisseur Mums

If Mum fancies herself as a barista or enjoys the morning ritual of creating her perfect pour, a manual coffee machine is the Mother’s Day present for her.

 “These put you in complete control of your coffee, from grind to pour. Whether it’s a steaming, black espresso or a frothy, creamy cappuccino, a manual coffee machine lets you enjoy your coffee your way, every day,” says Tracey Ellis.

Shop Manual Coffee Machines

DeLonghi La Specialista Arte Manual Coffee Machine

Sunbeam Compact Barista

Breville The Oracle Touch

Product image of the Breville Oracle Jet

Best Coffee Machine For Tech-Loving Mums

If your mum loves her smart speaker, video door bell and Wi-Fi-connected fridge, then chances are she'll love a connected coffee machine too. She’ll be living like a queen with the Wi-Fi-connected JURA E8 Piano Black that lets her send through her coffee order in bed from her smartphone.

Or perhaps the Breville the Oracle Semi Automatic Coffee Machine is more her style. It’s built so smart that it extracts espresso and textures milk simultaneously, so Mum can go from beans to latte in under a minute.

The DeLonghi Dinamica Fully Automatic Coffee Machine is another big point-scorer with its User Profile function that lets her save her customised recipes to be ready at the touch of a button.

a mum waiting for her morning coffee whilst holding her baby

Best Coffee Machine For Mums With Designer Kitchens

Great-tasting coffee aside, if your mum has a knockout kitchen then only the most stylish coffee machine will do. For the retro-lover who loves standout style, the Smeg Coffee Machine 50's Style in Cream boasts functionality and a classic, slim profile.

Got a mum who is up with kitchen trends and has embraced black appliances? She’ll swoon over the sophisticated DeLonghi Magnifica Fully Automatic Coffee Machine. And for the mum who balances style with function, Breville the Barista Touch in Black Stainless Steel will be right at home.

To delight Mum this Mother’s Day, head to The Good Guys! Visit us in-store or online for all the best advice and biggest brands in coffee machines and accessories, plus Mother’s Day gift ideas galore!

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