Dryer Buying Guide

It’s a lot easier dealing with life’s unexpected moments with a dryer. Whether it’s a downpour on the washing you hung out before heading to work, or the sports jersey at the bottom of the laundry pile you forgot to wash, a dryer can be a lifesaver.

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Quick Guide To
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Which Dryer Is Right For You?

With various types of dryers available, including heat pump, vented, condenser, and combo models, finding the perfect match for your laundry needs can be overwhelming. Whether you're deciphering between them or simply seeking guidance on the ideal dryer, this dryer guide is here to assist in selecting the right one for your home, budget, and preferred laundry requirements.

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From choosing the perfect dryer to maximizing small laundry spaces, our laundry buying guides cover all you need to know to find the perfect laundry setup for your home.

“As you won’t be able to run a separate washer and dryer at the same time, combos are a good choice if you’re well-organised and have a regular laundry routine, or if you’re only using the dryer occasionally,” says Peter Simic.

How To Utilise Your Dryer

Whether you already have a dryer style in mind, are thinking about sprucing up your laundry space, or just need some friendly advice on installation, read on to find the perfect dryer to suit your home's needs.


Dryer Technology Glossary

Check out below to get clued up on all the jargon before you start shopping.

Energy Efficiency

Using less energy to perform the same task. This essentially leads to eliminating energy waste. In the process, you can cut down your energy bills and help reduce pollution.

Drying Temperature

Clothes can be dried at different temperatures, the best dryers can dry your clothes at a temperature that is hot, but not so hot that it causes damage.

Gentle Fabric Care

Less abrasive drying, usually used for delicate fabrics.


When a dryer vents out the water/moisture from the machine to the outside of your home. Dryers often do this by using a long, flexible hose – this connects to the tumble dryer and vents the moisture to the outside of your house.